Thursday, August 10, 2017

Life Lately: Mama Needs a Drink Edition

Do you ever look at your kids and marvel at the cute, snuggly, adorable miracles that you made . . . and then the next second you feel like you need a drink at 2pm because they are driving you CRAZY?! That's been my week so far. I think Lucy got a little too accustomed to being the only child when we were in Cedar Point. She's been fairly clingy, whiny, and jealous of Emily ever since we got home. Oh, and it's like she's living in Opposite World because whatever I ask her to do/not do . . . she does the exact opposite. It's weeks like these when I catch myself looking at the part-time job listings! 

Emily Roses is getting her first tooth! She's handling it fairly well, but has definitely been a bit clingier and wants to be held more than usual. Lucy no likey. Also, this is one of my favorite outfits that Lucy used to wear. And it's a 12 MONTH OUTFIT. #giantbaby

Monday morning was a tough one. Emmy wasn't napping because Lucy wouldn't be quiet no matter what I tried. So I figured I'd take them for a walk in the park. Em could fall asleep in the stroller, and Lucy could burn off some energy. This was a pic I snapped at the very far end of the park: Emily had been crying the entire time and my urging of "Let's try to pedal faster, sweet girl, your sister is upset and we need to get home" apparently translated to Lucy sitting on her bike refusing to pedal or get off and walk. She literally just sat there and stared at me.  #powerstruggle
Not pictured is one sweaty mama pushing a stroller with a screaming baby inside with a tricycle hanging out the bottom and carrying a screaming, wiggling toddler.  Sometimes I think to myself "There is no way Matty will believe this actually happened. No one would believe it unless they saw it. No amount of explanation will do this situation justice." This was one of those times. 

And the icing on the bummer of a cake that was my day . . . Lucy didn't nap. She totally didn't need it, can't you tell?!

It's days like Monday when I'm so thankful for my SIL and my mama friends. I can complain to them without feeling like a monster. Apparently Carla was having a similar day, and she sent me this after bedtime. Hits the nail right on the head!

Tuesday was a bit better. Lucy had a play date at her friend Amelia's house and had a great time playing with the hose. 

I found a shady spot to lay Emmy Roses down, and she was quite content to kick, squeal, and roll for awhile. 

Amelia ate her muffin like a doggie, and it was hilarious. 

I tried to get Lucy to do the same, but she refused. I probably should have asked her to eat her muffin neatly like a big girl, then she would have went face first right into it! I can't complain, though, because there was zucchini in that muffin! #jokesonher #sneakyveggies

She is still quite unsure of the car wash. She let go of my hand halfway through so that's progress!

Emmy is rolling around a lot now, and because we have two dogs I'm not super comfortable leaving her unattended on the floor. I set up the pack n play, and she was happy to be in there and watch Lucy play. 

I was going through a bin of 12 month clothing to find some things for Chubs McGee Emily, and Lucy kept holding stuff up and saying it would fit her . . . and I kept saying no it wouldn't. She proved me wrong with this super fashionable bloomers over baby pants look. 

Oma bought Lucy a new necklace, and she put it on the second she woke up yesterday morning. This is the second necklace for Lucy, and she loves them. This is when having two girls is going to get expensive! #lookoutdadu

Matty took Lucy to Holiday Market after dinner, and the beer cooler is her very favorite place to be. 

I love this pic that Matty took during some playtime. 

Notice her untouched dinner, but she sure did gobble up some cookie dough!

This hat was in a bin of clothes that someone gave me and is both ridiculous and cute at the same time. This was Emmy's pre-bath look . . . 

 . . . and this was her post bath look. I love clean babies wrapped in hooded towels!

The good news is that Lucy woke up from her nap yesterday afternoon and seemed to be back to her sweet little self. Hopefully it lasts for a day or two so I can recharge my batteries. 

We have lots of plans to hang out with Grandma Ri, Sarah, Brian, Cousin Tommy, and Baby Eleanor all weekend before they head back to Illinois. 

Have a great weekend!


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