Thursday, August 3, 2017

Life Lately: Extra Snuggles Edition

It's been a busy week! Emmy got her four month shots on Monday morning, and they did not agree with her. She was ok at first, but starting Monday evening and going on through yesterday she pooped a grand total of 14 times! You can imagine what that has done to her poor little baby booty. She also had a low grade fever for a bit and has been requiring extra snuggles. 

I left for an hour to take Em to the doctor, and this is what Lucy did to Grandma Ri!

Sunglasses? check. Necklace? check. Pants? nope!

Snuggles and stuffies . . . and Dadu!

We went out for a walk early on Tuesday morning before it got too hot. Lucy is cruising on her tricycle lately!

I bought some super cute farm themed stringing beads from a mom2mom site, and Lucy knew exactly what to do with them. 

Nothing like a warm cherry tomato off the vine for an afternoon snack!

Someone couldn't hang during our evening walk. 

We've changed up Lu's bedtime routine a bit, and now she gets to watch an episode of Daniel Tiger after bath before she goes to bed. She really focuses up when she watches. Also, I love how her hand is on top of her baby's head!

Emmy joined in for a few minutes before bed. 

Here's where the extra snuggles came in this week: 

And that's all she wrote. I've gotta quit blogging and get packing. We are taking Lucy and joining my brother-in-law's family at Cedar Point this weekend! Emmy Roses is staying with my mom. I'll miss her like crazy, but I don't think she's quite ready for rides, water parks, and the beach yet!

Have a great weekend!


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