Sunday, August 6, 2017

Cedar Point 2017

 We took our first big vacation with Lucy this weekend. We left Emmy Roses with my mom and took off to Cedar Point bright and early Friday morning. We swung by to pick up Grandma Ri on the way and then met up with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and his HUGE family. 

We had been talking about this vacation for weeks, and Lucy was up and ready to go bright and early!

These headphones were the best $20 we've spent. Lucy got to watch Daniel Tiger . . . and we didn't have to listen to it!

We made a stop for a delicious bagel snack on the way. 

We stayed at the Hotel Breakers, which is attached to the park. Our room wasn't ready when we arrived, so we grabbed a few things from the car and headed straight into the park. 
 Here's Lucy walking on to her first ride ever!

So this ride went up and down just a little bit, but the balloon baskets twirled along the way. Lu didn't love it. I was nervous she wouldn't want to go on any other rides, but she wasn't deterred in the least!

She LOVED these cars and deemed them her favorite ride. By the end of the weekend she had ridden them three times. Notice that she is in the "Lucy" car! They really whip you around the corner, which I was a little nervous about, but she loved it!

After about an hour or so, we got a text that our room was ready. It was perfect timing because not only was it starting to rain a little, but the rest of our giant crew was arriving. Lucy was excited about her first stay in a hotel, and made herself right at home in her bed!

We headed over to Matt's sister's room where I FINALLY got to get my hands on my new niece . . . and she was perfection!

While we ate lunch at the hotel the weather cleared up, so we threw naps to the wind and headed back to the park. This is definitely the face of a girl who hasn't napped!

Baby Eleanor was a huge fan of the rides!

Lucy had been waiting all day to meet Snoopy, and it finally happened! We were shocked at how excited she was. Honestly, I thought she'd cling to me and not want anything to do with him, but instead she kept reaching for him and saying, "Snoopy want to hold me!"

Back on the cars with Dadu!

The guy running the train ride suggested we might be more comfortable if we went in two separate cars. Proved him wrong! ha!

Time for a cookie break! Which I'm sure was followed by an ice cream break . . . and a soft pretzel break . . . and a corndog break. #healthyeating

Beer break for mama and daddy!

At one point, some of the guys went to ride some rollercoasters and Sarah and I took the kiddos on a train ride through the park. Lucy wasn't feeling the train, so we got off at the first stop and walked back to where we had left Grandma Ri with baby Ellie. We stopped at the petting zoo along the way, and Lucy loved up on some baby goats and horses. 

I stood up from taking Lu's picture, and these guys were right behind me. No, thank you!

And then Matty took Lucy to ride a pony, and she loved it. 

There was no way we were making it out of Snoopy Land without a pink Snoopy!

The entire group went to dinner at Famous Dave's. We were a little nervous about Lucy since it had been such a long day and she hadn't napped, but she did a great job. 

This was Lucy's first time sleeping in a big bed! She crashed hard and looked so darn cute! That cheek!

Our original plan was that I would sleep in one bed with Lucy (and her stuffies!), and Matty would sleep in the other one. #luckyduck
However, Lucy was REALLY taking advantage of the big bed. You give that girl an inch and she takes ever last bit of that proverbial mile! I was supposed to be sleeping where the octopus is, but she just kept crowding me out . . . and kicking me! So in the middle of the night I took this pic and then crawled into Matty's bed. 

Look . . . fruit! Something healthy! One of my brother-in-law's sisters bought all the kiddos matching pajamas and clothes. So cute! Lucy's were a bit big, but I made her wear them anyway. 

Saturday morning we headed back to the park. Here's our little part of the giant group. Look at all those babies! Four years ago, this picture would have looked very different!

Waiting for her first of three carousel rides. And how cute is the pineapple shirt that the girls bought for her?!

Lucy really wanted to ride these cars, but adults weren't allowed to go on them. We were so proud of Lucy for riding by herself!

Matty enjoyed a corndog while watching Lu. 

More carousel-ing. 

We all met up at 11am for a group photo. Look how many people there are!

After lunch it was time to head to the water park. Everyone was kind of doing their own thing, so we left our phones in the safe at the hotel so we didn't have to keep an eye on our things.  This is the only picture I have. Sarah snapped it during the 45 seconds she was at the water park before baby Ellie woke up back at the hotel room. After doing the slide about 50 times, Lucy and I played in the splash pad area while Matty did some crazy waterslide, and then the three of us floated down the lazy river. Oh, and we got ice cream, too!

We attempted a late afternoon nap for Lucy, but it didn't happen. 

So we headed back in to the park for a little bit before meeting up for pizza for dinner. We stopped and took some pics in the giant adirondack chair on the way. 

Lucy's first time eating Dippin Dots. 

After pizza for dinner, we put Lucy to bed. The park is open until midnight, and Matty went back out with a group of people around 10pm to ride some of the rollercoasters whose lines were too long during the day. Matty really wanted me to ride Top Thrill Dragster with him. In order for that to happen, I needed two things: 1. Someone to watch Lu in the room while she slept and 2. The ability to walk right on to the ride and just go. I think I would have psyched myself out if I had to wait in any sort of line. Neither of those things were available, so I just stayed at the hotel and snoozed. #darn

Sunday morning Lucy woke up at 5:30 and would not go back to sleep! We eventually packed up, went downstairs to eat breakfast, said goodbye to Charlie Brown, and then hit the road to get back to Emily!

We got home just in time for me to rock this little lady to sleep. I missed her so much!

After naps, Matty needed to do some things outside and said he'd take Emmy with him. When Lucy saw her daddy wearing Emmy, she had to get out her carrier and wear her baby like Dadu!

Just a guy watering his grass . . . while wearing his baby!

After this, both girls started melting down during bath and bed time. #backtoreality

We had a great weekend and would definitely go back. Even though it was a little pricey, we loved staying at the Breakers because it was super convenient. We could get into the park an hour early, and it was easy to walk back to the hotel to take a break when we needed to. I was a little skeptical as to whether Lucy would have enough stuff to do, but it was great for someone her age. We actually could have used one more day because we didn't get a chance to go to the beach, which looked so nice I actually thought we were at the ocean. 

All in all, our first vacation was a huge success. Was it easy and relaxing? Nope! But Lucy loved it, and we loved watching her have so much fun!



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