Thursday, August 31, 2017

Life Lately: Lucy is CRAZY Edition!

You may remember back at Christmas time that Lucy went through a major regression of some sorts. Well, I'm sorry to say it's happening again. She's not napping, but thankfully still sleeping well at night. The only downside is that we have to make it through an evening of fussiness, crying, throwing, jealous cuddling, bath tantrums, and ONLY mama being allowed to put her to bed. She also climbed/fell out of her crib last week, and was in the middle of climbing out again yesterday at nap before I caught her on the monitor. Her crib used to be a safe place I could put her so she could calm down . . . not anymore! Maybe I could crawl in there and calm down for a bit. That would probably really throw Lucy for a loop! Oh, and did I mention that she took off her diaper and peed in her crib on Monday during her non-nap?? That was a real treat!

We had zero plans for Monday, so I put the girls in the stroller as soon as they both woke up and went for a two mile walk. Emmy took a good snooze for a lot of it. 

Lucy did a great job sitting in the stroller without complaining for the long walk, so we stopped at the playground before heading home. It was going to rain later in the day, so I figured I'd let her burn off some energy . . . in her monkey pj's. 

Since she was wearing her monkey jammies, she needed to eat a banana!

We put Emmy in this walker thingy that we had for Lucy. She liked it long enough for me to take this picture, then started crying. 

Apparently, she prefers the carrier. #armrolls

We went to Grandma Ri's to play on Tuesday. Lucy enjoyed quite the snack!

The girls were not interested in napping at Grandma Ri's. Neither of them could hang in there for the ride home, though. 

Thankfully, it was not a very hot day so I left them in the garage for a bit. Emily woke up after about 10 minutes, and Lucy lasted about 20 minutes. #illtakeit

Safety glasses are required when working with daddy's tools. Clothing, apparently, is not!

At least one of us was happy to be painting! Lucy does not understand how to use a paintbrush. She just puts her hands right in there and goes to town!

I was feeding Emily, and Lucy wanted a snack. She helped herself to a box of raisins, poured them in a bowl, and brought her water over to the ottoman so we could be together. The sunnies are just an added bonus. 

I inadvertently let Emily cry it out yesterday. I usually put Emily in her crib to watch her aquarium while I put Lucy down for a nap, and then I go and rock Em to sleep. Miss Roses was not happy about being in her crib and cried the entire time I was changing Lucy's diaper and tucking her into her crib for her nonexistent nap. It was only about five minutes or so, but she tuckered herself out and actually fell asleep on her own! #legrolls #strawberrybooty

If looks could kill. She took off her diaper in her crib again and then tried to crawl out the front and the sides. Nap time is a real barrel of laughs around here lately. 

Spaghetti noodles are not only delicious, but they provide us with a lot of entertainment!

Sweet Emily Roses is five months old today!! 

We are packing up and heading to the lake tomorrow morning. I'm really looking forward to unplugging and having a more helpful adult to child ratio. With five adults and four kiddos, it seems as though I should get a little bit of a break at some point. Here's hoping!

Have a great last weekend of summer!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

This and That

Since I didn't do a Life Lately post last week, this is more than just a weekend recap. Here's what we've been up to over the past week or so.

Starting the post off strong with a picture of Matty's lawn. It deserves top billing this week. If my flower game was as strong as his lawn game our house could dominate. However, my strategy of "ignore and hope for the best" has not been working on my petunias. I'm not fretting too much, though, because soon the petunias will be on their merry way and it'll be time for me to ignore some mums. 

Not that it's a bad thing by any means, but I spend a LOT of time cuddling with my girls.
Exhibit A.

Exhibit B. Everyday I tell myself "this is the day I'm going to start working with Emily on falling asleep on her own." And then I don't. 

Exhibit C

Where's Lucy??

Matty had his last golf night last week. (Insert all the praise hand emojis here!) Lucy had a tough day on Tuesday and then didn't take a nap. I knew I wasn't going to last all afternoon/evening in the house with her, so when Em woke up from her nap we packed up and headed to Funtastic.

This is how she slid down . . . every single time!

Morning play time/Daniel Tiger time. 

I was trying to get a picture of Emily's two bottom teeth. This is the best I could do. 

The other day I commented that Lucy's stuffy bin seemed fairly empty. I assumed most of them had just made their way into Emmy's room . . . and then I opened up Lucy's bottom drawer to put some laundry away. Hilarious!

Aunt Sarah sent Lucy some Minnie Mouse stickers to use for her potty chart. Lucy chose to overlook the fact that she was actually supposed to go on the potty first. On the bright side, this sticker decorating extravaganza bought us FIFTEEN uninterrupted minutes to prep dinner. #priceless

Walking her doggy through the park . . . and both of them were wearing sunscreen. 

Lucy and I had lunch with Matty last week. She kept saying that the wall was "soooo sparkly!"

Last Thursday was a wonderfully cool day. After dinner we walked to the tot lot at the elementary school in our neighborhood. They had awkwardly low swings!

She's in the Daniel Tiger zone.

Finally, those slats on the crib are good for something!

Friday was another beautiful, not hot day so we packed up dinner and had a picnic at our park when Matty got home. 

Lucy had her first taste of chocolate milk at the grocery. 

I think she's a fan.

This is how we did story time after lunch. I love that you can see Emily looking at the book. 

Trampoline fun with Dadu! . . . because mama would never put Lucy on her feet and lift her up into the air . . . and then let go to take a picture!

Check out Lucy's new hair bow. Go big or go home! Daniel Tiger 4 Ever!

I took a little time to relax with my girl on Sunday. Lucy decided she didn't want to nap, so we watched a Daniel Tiger together and learned how to handle feeling frustrated. #takeastepback #andaskforhelp

I ended the weekend with a bang . . . Mom's Night Out! All the mamas came over for drinks and snacks on our patio, and we had three glorious hours of uninterrupted conversation. Matty took this pic at 11:00. How were we all still awake?? #mamasgonewild

We had a great weekend and are looking forward to a very boring week. All of our summer classes have ended, and the fall ones don't start up until after Labor Day. Whatever will I do with these girls all day every day??? At least I only have to make it four days until we leave for the lake.

Have a great week!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Music in the Park

We've been wanting to go to Music in the Park all summer, but I didn't want to go when it was super hot because I didn't think Emily would be very comfortable. We finally had a perfect weather day, which worked out well because it was the last concert of the summer! The girlies and I met up with my mom, Carla, and the kiddos for one last big play date of the summer. 

I arrived a little bit before my mom and Carla. As I was setting up her spot, Lucy noticed a cute little "Frozen" themed camping chair in front of us and asked me where her chair like that was. She was so sweet about it, and bringing a chair for Lu had never even crossed my mind! What's wrong with sitting on the picnic blanket?! Well, about five minutes later Aunt Carla rolls up and pulled an Oprah with her chairs. You get a chair! and YOU get a chair! EVERYONE GETS A CHAIR! Including Lucy! She brought this adorable little chair that used to be Sadie's . . . and let Lucy keep it! Thanks for saving the day!

Lucy actually sat in the chair much longer/better than on the blanket. #lessonlearned

Sadie did such a great job feeding Emily! 

Oma was on cloud nine to get a pic with all of her little loves. And Emily even cooperated!

At one point Carla told me to forget about everyone else and take a picture of us. And how great is her hair in the pic?!

This picture is hilarious. Oma and Sadie were really getting in to "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," the rest of the kiddos weren't feeling it, and crazy Aunt Carla is doing her own thing in the back. 

The Plymouth Fire Department always brings a truck and passes out fire hats. Lucy loves to get a hat, but refuses to go in the truck. Gordie and Andy enjoyed their tour. 

It's hard to hold that baby for extended periods of time!

Oma treated us to ice cream at Kilwin's. Lucy pointed to the Fudge Brownie flavor and declared, "I want the brown one!" She gave me a bite, and it was delicious!

Doing a great job eating her treat. Notice how clean Minnie is. 

Now look at poor Minnie!

It's too bad the kiddos didn't enjoy their ice cream! ;)

After the concert, we moved the party to our house for some jumping . . . 

 . . . and tomato picking!

Lu held up this green tomato and asked, "This tamo ready to be picked, momoo?" #no

If you come to our house, you must pick tomatoes!

Sadie did a great job! #nobodyputslucyinthecorner #exceptlucy

As always, all good things must come to an end. Everyone took off around 2:30 and left me with two crabby babies! Lucy was having a very hard time playing nicely with Emily, so I put her in a time out to calm down. When I went in to check on her, this is what I found. #cantcatchabreak

Lucy had so much fun with her cousins, and the weather was perfect! All the kiddos will be in school in less than two weeks. Dare I say I'm ready for fall? Only because it's way more enjoyable to be outside in the cooler weather!