Sunday, July 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

In case you're wondering, I started writing this post while laying in bed at 9pm on Saturday night . . . without a single monitor on the bed table next to me! The girls were each at a grandparents' house, and Matty and I had a productive/relaxing day. 

Thursday's gymnastics class involved practicing back flips . . . 

rope swinging . . . 

 . . . and hand stands.

Lucy loves watching the big girls practice. 

Lucy is finally showing an interest in dress up clothes, and we've got some cute hand me downs from Sadie. In a matter of 10 minutes, Lucy was Princess Sleeping Beauty . . . 

Princess Belle . . . 

 . . . and Princess You are Not Leaving the House in that Dress. This princess needs a little work on her wardrobe. 

We had a play date on Friday morning, and the baby cuteness was in full effect!

This was Lucy's very first experience with sand. And her last, as far as I'm concerned ;) Way to go Leslie for having a sand table for your kiddos, but I could never handle it!

Making some improvements to the statue. 

Another one for the Miss Lisa and Emmy Roses collection. 

Play dates are so fun!

Daniel Tiger's Dad had been missing for a week. We thought we'd looked everywhere, but Lucy found him underneath her roly poly penguin on Friday. When I asked her what even made her go over there to look, she said, "I heard him crying, mom." #whoa

Oh. My. Gosh. 

Remember how I said I was trying to limit my sweets to Saturdays only? Happy Saturday!!!

Look at Miss Emmy eyeing our donuts. Someday, little lady, someday. 

Grandma Ri sent this to me Saturday afternoon. Looks like Em is enjoying her sleepover. Those eyes! Those arm rolls! 

Matty and I had a great date night on Saturday. The weather was perfect, so we sat outside and ate Mexican food. This was just our appetizer! It was sooo delicious, as were the burrito and tacos that followed it! At one point I said that I felt like I probably could keep eating, but that I should stop. Matty said we never splurge like this and to keep going. #yessir

After doing lots of cleaning on Sunday morning, we picked up Emmy and headed to my parents' house to see Lu and celebrate my dad's birthday. 

Lucy hadn't napped the day before, and the party was right at nap time, so she was fading fast. She rallied in time to eat a cupcake, though. 

The birthday boy!

It's impossible to get five kids to all look at the same time. I chose this one because Emmy Roses is showing everyone how it's done! Actually, I guess everyone is doing it except Lucy. #ofcourse

After a few more meltdowns, Lucy finally fell asleep about ten minutes after we left for home. 

Emmy's first time facing forward in the Ergo! She seemed happy, and I got to vacuum. #winwin

Man, do we have a busy week ahead of us! Emmy's four month doctor visit, Kindermusik, gymnastics, and packing for a little vacation in Cedar Point at the end of the week! It's supposed to be HOT again this week, so I think we'll be pulling out the pool and water table as well.

Have a great week!


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