Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend Recap

Friday started off with a trip to Target, and this little lady was pretty excited about it. 

Friday evening after dinner we spent some time outside. How cute is this little skirt and tank top?!

Emmy was happy to be laying on the picnic blanket watching her sister play ball with the doggies. 

It was starting to sprinkle, so we came in and watched a show . . . Daniel Tiger, of course. 

And then the girls and their daddy looked through Emmy's baby book before tub time. . .. while it POURED outside. 

Saturday morning was cooler and beautiful so we decided to give the Plymouth Fair a try. Emmy loved it. 

We made it about an hour before we decided to head home because it was SO CROWDED. Both girls got name puzzles, which Lucy is excited about. She's really enjoying hers, and Em's is put away in her closet for Christmas 2018! #planningahead

This little girl did not want to nap on Saturday. I thought I could try to get a little workout in while she played with her toys. I was wrong. 

Sleeping Beauty!

Safety first while cutting the grass! She insisted on wearing her bike helmet and rain boots!

On Sunday evening, all the mamas, babies, and hubbies gathered at Lisa's house for a BBQ. Lucy promptly stole the giraffe and monkey from the kiddie pool. 

The baby feeding area!

The baby lounge!

This little tent was so cute, and the big kids all took turns visiting the babies. Lucy taunted them with her chocolate chip cookie. 

Ben and Vaughn partied too hard. 

Lisa LOVES her some Emmy Roses!

Giraffe photo bomb!

All the mamas and their babes!

The kiddos keep growing . . . in size and number!

Here's a picture from a play date Lisa hosted last March. Apparently Lucy can't keep her clothes on at Miss Lisa's house!

And that's about it. We had a great, low key weekend. Just the way we like it! 

We have a big week coming up. We start up Kindermusik again. I've signed us up for the family class so that I can take both girls with me. Here's hoping that goes well! And Lucy starts official gymnastics classes on Thursday, and she is so excited! 

Have a great week!


  1. It cracks me up that Lucy can't keep her clothes on!!!! Also, the outfit where she's in the tent with the babies with her cookie, is that a bathing suit? So so cute! Please put her in that the next time you come swimming down this way so I can see it in person! Alternatively, splash pad date soon?