Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend Recap: Cottage Edition

I forgot to mention that we were going to be out of town through Monday afternoon so there wouldn't be a Monday morning recap. Oops! #sorrymom 
From Friday morning through Monday evening, our weekend was filled with activities!

The house across the street from us was getting a new driveway poured on Friday morning . . . at 7am. The noise and trucks provided some entertainment for awhile. 

Madeline, Minnie, and her purse . . . isn't that what everyone takes to the park with them??

Emily Roses was looking extra cute on Friday because she was meeting mama's friend Jeanette for the first time!

Jeanette and I were hired at St. Sebastian the same year and worked together for six years before she quit to stay home with her baby boy. We were instant friends . . .like the universe just knew what it was doing kind of friends! I was at the hospital when both of her kiddos were born, and she was the first friend to come and hold Lucy in the hospital. Sadly, last summer Jeanette, her husband, and their two kiddos moved to CALIFORNIA for her husband's job. She's been back in our time zone visiting family for six weeks. But her family is in Fort Wayne, Indiana! We met up a few weeks ago for a mamas only shopping day, so I was super pumped to get to see her again on Friday so she could finally meet Emmy Roses!

Both of my girls love Jeanette!!

We met at a park, but it quickly became clear that it was just too darn hot to be outside. So we let the girls conquer this slide about a dozen times before heading for frozen yogurt!

Jeanette's daughter, Marie, is four years old and such a sweetie! She and Lucy got along well. 

Lucy took about three bites of her yogurt and then asked for her apple slices. WHERE DID I GO WRONG??!! Obviously, I've failed as a mother already. 

Both girls took pretty good naps on Friday afternoon, thank goodness, because I had to pack us up and be ready to head to the cottage when Matty got home from work. Lucy wore two pairs of sunglasses and kept saying, "I all dressed up!"

Someone's getting some personality!

We arrived at the cottage at 9pm on Friday night, and it was HOT. Like, uncomfortable to sleep kind of hot. By the time we woke up in the morning, though, it was like 60 degrees and raining! We took Lucy into town to explore a few of the shops. She picked out a few new puzzles and a necklace, and then we went to a coffee shop that supposedly had really good cookies. They were yummy . . . but I still think mine are better! This was the only pic I got . . . Lucy anxiously awaiting the arrival of her cookie. 

We headed to the local library next to pick up some movies for the evenings after the girls go to bed. They had two gigantic bears in the children's section, and Lucy loved them. 

"I do work like Dadu!"

It finally warmed up a bit and stopped raining by the time nap time was over. We tried to do a walk and bike ride, but it was so humid and buggy that we gave up and went back inside. 

We played inside for awhile and then decided to head back into town to check out the playground and pick up pizza for dinner. 

Not a bad backdrop for a playground!

It takes a real man to wear a pink necklace! When we were at the shops earlier that morning, Lucy loved this pink necklace. She calls it her "beautiful pendant!" haha At first, I really didn't want to get it for her because I thought she was too little for necklaces, but she was so cute with it. And it's actually meant to be a teething necklace so when Emmy's a little older I can wear it, and she can safely chew on it. Or maybe Matty should wear it since he looks so good with it on!

The girls invaded our bed on Sunday morning!

We finally had a nice, sunny day so we headed out on the boat. 

Don't worry, it was an unopened can!

Emmy held court on the couch for awhile after we came up from the boat. You may notice that she's wearing a different onesie than she had on the boat . . . she had a poop blowout right as we were headed back in for lunch. Lucy's poor Minnie Mouse towel took the brunt of it. 

Apparently Matty likes to pose his daughters with his beer. 

All that beer must have really messed with Emmy's sleep schedule, because she did not want to go to bed Saturday night. She fussed and fussed for quite awhile while I tried to rock her. I finally gave up and put her on the ottoman to kick for awhile, and she was happy as a clam!

Monday morning was cool and windy again, so no boat for us :(  Lucy managed to get a little bike ride in, though, before we packed up to head home. 

Emmy was pretty fussy Monday evening, so I put her in the carrier to calm her down. We picked up Chipotle for dinner, and I didn't want to risk trying to lay her down. I stood up to eat and didn't want to drop any of my burrito bowl on her head . . . so I used my napkin as a barrier!

And that was our weekend! Certainly not the greatest weather, but we still managed to have a good time. Both girls slept fairly well, and I even managed to get in one nap! 

We're back to regular life now for the rest of the week, and I'll be a day behind in my head since we stayed at the lake til Monday. 



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