Thursday, July 20, 2017

Life Lately

Is anyone else struggling between wanting/needing to get your kiddos outside but also not wanting to sweat your butt off all day long?! Ugh, it's the worst! We've been trying to get out as much as possible this week, but it's just been so HOT, and poor Emmy does not enjoy being right up against me in the carrier.

Let's kick things off with sweet baby Eleanor! She's approaching the one month mark and is so cute! We FINALLY get to meet her in two weeks. I'll be the crazy lady running down the hall at the hotel and throwing people out of my way. 

All the babies and their mamas came to our house to play on Monday morning. There were five mamas and nine kiddos. There was kids, diapers, sunscreen, and snacks everywhere!

Another one for the Miss Lisa and Emmy collection.

If your baby ever goes missing, just check with Lisa!

Look at this sweet, chubby face! Baby Ben is adorable.

Do I wanna stare at this or do I wanna knock it over??

There is nothing better than sleeping baby snuggles. 

Lucy lined up all of her breakfast companions.

She arrived at the playground in style on Tuesday evening. I don't know how she manages to look cool as a cucumber in this heat and humidity!

Play hard, rest hard . . . on the dirty rug by the front door.

I gave Emmy a bath for the first time on Tuesday! I think I've mentioned before that I really REALLY dislike bath time. I think that by the end of the day I'm just done. Matty is the bath master around here, and we both like it that way! He was golfing on Tuesday, though, and Em didn't go to my mom's like usual . . . so I had to bathe this chubby little thing!

When eating bread dipped in tomato soup, the dress comes off! It's much easier for me to wipe up a bare tummy than to get tomato soup stains out of clothes.

Two things about this picture: 1. How cute is that headband?! I ordered it from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. I just got one to see how I liked it . . . and I LOVE it! I already ordered two more colors. 2. This baby rolled over while I wasn't looking!! I put her on her tummy in front of the mirror and then turned around to do Lucy's hair. When I turned back to check on her, she was on her back! I got super excited and rolled her back on to her tummy to see if she'd do it again .  . . but nothing! 

We tried to play outside yesterday after dinner, but it was just too hot. So we came inside for snuggles instead.

Lucy was super excited to be going to bed in a Minnie shirt that used to be her cousin Sadie's. 

We've had a super busy week, and I'm definitely looking forward to our trip to the cottage this weekend. Everyone sleeps so much better after a day out on the boat, and I enjoy the change of scenery.

Have a great weekend!


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