Thursday, July 6, 2017

4th of July Weekend 2017

Get ready . . . picture overload is on the way! #whatelseisnew

Matty had last Friday through Wednesday off of work, and we were all pumped! Originally, we had planned to head to the cottage Friday morning. We postponed at the last minute, though, because the weather didn't look that great on Friday, so we had a nice little day at home.

We started off the day by doing something we RARELY do . . . headed to the mall as a family! We had two stores to go to and that's all. And we stuck to it! We started off at Nordstrom . . . aka, my happy place!

Apparently, it's Lucy's happy place too because she loved working it on the "catwalk" in the dressing room!

Then we headed to the Oakley store to have Matty's new sunglasses adjusted. #gianthead

We wouldn't let Lucy touch anything, but Matty finally relented and let her try on these crazy things since they didn't have lenses in them. Seriously, people buy these?!

This little patriotic lady snoozed the entire time! #goodbaby

We were feeling extra adventurous and decided to go out to lunch after the mall. We went out for Thai food, and it was delicious! This was our first time at a restaurant with both girls, and it went fairly smoothly. It helped that the sweet ladies who ran the restaurant thought our girls were just the cutest thing ever and pretty much let Lu do whatever she wanted! She started off sitting next to me in the booth . . .

 . . . and then moved her booster seat to the floor. Side note: The ladies also got a kick out of Lu's Japanese style lunch box!

And then ended up at the unused table next to us. She did a great job eating, but just needed to try out all the different locations!

Emmy did a great job for the most the meal . . . 

 . . . but then got fussy and ended up on Matty's lap. Turns out she had a very dirty diaper! I can't tell you how many diapers I've changed in the back of the Flex with these girls! 

So Saturday morning we headed up to the lake right after breakfast. It was just our little family for the weekend, and everyone did great in the car!

For the most part, these pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Ready to get on the boat! 

Emmy is starting the reach for things and really liked grabbing all the soft animals on this play mat. 

Both girls slept amazingly well at the cottage, even with fireworks going all the time at night. #thankgoodness  Lucy insists that she loves being covered by her stuffies in the pack n play. 

A 5am wake up resulted in an early morning nap . . . before Matty and Lucy had even woken up. 

Lucy is on the verge of being ready for a big girl bed, I just know it. We still made her sleep in the pack n play, but she really enjoyed playing on the big bed in her room. 

Hunkering down next to Daddy for stories before bed. 

Pedaling away with her ball.

Our cottage is at the end of a court which lends itself nicely to playing out in the road. The family across the street has 2 boys (3 years old and 18 months), and Lucy and Jase enjoy playing together. Jase is so loud and boisterous and will call out "Hi Lucy!" from way across the street, and Lucy will quietly whisper "Hi Jase" in return. It's so cute. 

Swinging on the big girl swing! At one point while Matty was pushing her, she let go and tipped backward and Matty caught her by the head. She didn't love that move, but didn't cry. #win

Lucy learned the hard way that the "No more monkeys jumping on the bed" song has some truth to it. 

When you wake up from your nap and your parents tell you to get in the car because you're going for ice cream!

I love this picture! We took the dogs with us and thought we were going to have to eat in the car because there were other dogs outside at the ice cream stand. 

But then those dogs left, and we were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day and delicious ice cream! Lucy requested chocolate with sprinkles, Matty and I both had flurries with peanut butter cups and banana, and Emmy slept through the whole thing!

These two are stinky, old, and a pain in the butt. But they are super cute and I still like them. 

Because the girls napped and slept so well we spent more time up at the cottage than out on the boat, but still had a great view. 

Matty and Lucy . . . three summers and counting!

Those eyes and lips!!

Lucy was doing a wide stance stomp back and forth on the boat, and it was hilarious. 

Our friends the Beatons came out to spend the 4th with us, and Emmy and baby Theo finally got to meet. Theo is five and a half months and Emmy is three months . . . and weighs more than he does!

We could not stop laughing over this picture!

Not a bad view while feeding Emily at 5:30am!

Did you stick it out til the end?? Thank you!

Coincidentally, I saw an article today about the differences between a family trip and a family vacation. This was definitely a family trip! We went to the grocery, did laundry, cooked meals, and did household chores . . . with some bonus activities of boating and swimming thrown in! Yes, it was a lot of work for Matty and me, but we all had a great time so it was definitely worth it. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love how Emmy's little personality is changing and she's so smiley now!! And Lucy is a crack-up! Looks like you guys had a great time :)