Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Take Your Lucy to Work Day

Yesterday, Matt's work had a Take Your Child to Work day. They do it during the summer so the kiddos don't have to miss school. #sosmart  Lucy is still too little to officially participate, but I took her in to visit Matty and see his desk and then we took her out to lunch. A few of his coworkers' wives brought their littles in as well, and we all had a delicious lunch together!

Hitachi sponsors the Grand Prix on Belle Isle, and they had some cool photo op posters set up in the lobby.

The cutest little engineer I've ever seen!

Daddies, daughters, and donuts! Matty knows the way to Lu's heart is through food, so he had some TimBits waiting for her. 

Another family pic, minus Emily! She stayed with my mom.

Lucy did a great job walking around and saying hi to everyone.

Riley, Lucy, Amelia, and Caroline. So unbelievably cute!

Snapped a few pics of the daddies and daughters on our way out to lunch. We went to Buddy's Pizza, and it was DELICIOUS of course. I don't have a single pic though, because I was too busy alternating between stuffing my face with salad and pizza and wrangling an antsy, yet well-behaved, toddler!

What a fun day! Hopefully this was the first of many daddy/daughter work pictures to come!



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