Thursday, June 29, 2017

Life Lately

Let's get right to the biggest news of the week . . . our new niece, Eleanor Elizabeth Brennan! She was born on Monday and weighed in at 8lbs 4oz, officially making her the biggest baby in the family. #sorryemmy

The Kissel/Brennan family went from zero kiddos to four kiddos in two years! We don't mess around. We're like the Pringles of procreation. Once we started we just couldn't stop! 

But we're all done now.
I think.
Never say never!

Look how happy little Ellie is to be home!

Monday was a beautiful day (and not so hot!), so we tried out a new park and had a great time. 

Lisa and Greta took over Emily duty for awhile. I don't think they minded!

Happy girls!

"Does this romper make my armpit look fat??"
(Matty gets all the credit for this caption.)

Emmy went to her first Little League game to watch her cousin Andy play. She was looking pretty cute!

One lady commented on how tiny Emmy is! I was all, "Are we looking at the same baby??!"

All I heard was the pitter patter of little feet running back and forth . . . and back and forth . . .and back and forth from the family room to the kitchen. 

Happy to be outside!

Living that pool life!

Lucy eventually braved the super cold water in "Pop's Pool." It's so weird to me that if her pancakes are just a tiny bit too hot she'll freak out, but she goes into this freezing cold pool no problem. 

"Mama want to come in with me?"
No, m'am!!

Go ahead and judge me if you must. It was not very hot outside, I had all the car windows down, and I propped open the door into the house so I could check on her every few minutes. She kept on sleeping for 30 minutes!

So glad we got the double stroller.

And that's all she wrote.

Matty has Friday through Wednesday off work, and we will be spending some of those days at the cottage. Rita is in Bloomington helping out with Baby Eleanor, and my parents are unable to join us, so it's just our little family of four. I'm really hoping the change of scenery and routine will help reset a few behavioral issues we've been dealing with the past few weeks. 

Happy 4th of July!


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