Friday, June 23, 2017

Life Lately

Emily got a new set of onesies, and this bunny one is my favorite!

Lucy's naps have been hit or miss lately, and I'm starting to accept it. I try to come up with quiet activities for us to do while Emmy is snoozing. Play Doh has been a favorite lately. 

I snapped this pic after Lucy's epic tantrum earlier in the week. If looks could kill!

Sisterly love first thing in the morning. So sweet!

On Tuesdays we take Emily to my parents' house to spend the night. Lucy wanted to wash dishes with Oma while we were there. I realized that I didn't have an extra outfit for her in the diaper bag, so she did some naked dishwashing. #justlikehermama #jk

I look forward to one on one time with Lucy on Tuesday evenings while Em is at my parents' house and Matty golfs. We played dress up and then built towers. 

And then we went out to eat! Lu hasn't eaten in a restaurant since Emmy's been born, and she didn't take a nap on Tuesday, so I was a little worried about how it would go, but she did great!

She ordered her own meal ("Soup and bread, please!), and when the waitress came back to check on us, Lucy told her it was "very yummy." She's really coming out of her shell!

Lucy was missing her sister during bath time, so we FaceTimed Oma and Emily. 

I miss that sweet baby all day long . . . except between the hours of 10pm and 6am!

Oma and Pop have the best toys!

I took Lucy to open gym at the gymnastics facility we've been going to. Emmy got to spread out and kick for a little bit. 

The only picture I got of Lucy was in the car afterward. She was so sweaty! She's starting official gymnastics classes in July, and she is so excited!

That elephant tells some riveting stories. 

Please ignore Lucy's hand and mouth smudges on the glass. I snapped this pic quick because when I picked Emily up she brought the bunny with her! That little grip is getting stronger!

That's our life lately. 

Today I am taking both girls to the Trenton Street Fair with my mom. We are going to get there right when it opens before it gets too hot. Hopefully. I'm not worried about Lucy, but I feel like Emily just gets hot, sweaty, and grumpy during these outings. We shall see!

Have a great weekend!


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