Wednesday, June 7, 2017

It Takes a (Greenfield) Village

The title popped right into my head so I went with it. Sometimes my cleverness amazes me ;)

Carla and I took all the kiddos to Greenfield Village yesterday. In a way, it was kind of an impromptu trip. Andy was supposed to have a field trip there with his class, and Carla was going to chaperone. However, Grosse Ile schools ended up being closed yesterday due to building problems! Carla decided to take all three of her kiddos anyway and invited us to go along. She invited us at 7:30am and by 9:00 I had lunches, extra outfits, diapers, bottles, the big stroller, and the baby carrier all packed and ready to go . . . oh, and two kiddos too! I must have been feeling extra adventurous due to the fact that Emmy slept from 8:30pm-4:30am the night before, then woke up for a bottle and went back to sleep until 7am! It turns out you actually feel like DOING things when you're well rested! 

Not only did I make it to the Village on time . . . we were about 15 minutes early! Lucy wandered around a bit and explored. It was field trip central, so there was a ton of people!

Lucy didn't need a wristband to ride all of the rides since she's only two, but she really wanted one so I gave her mine to wear. 

Our first attempt at a group photo didn't go so well. 

Andy and Sadie are so sweet with Lucy!

Emily Roses spent most of the visit in the Ergo and did a great job!

Once we got inside, we headed straight for the carousel. 

Patiently waiting their turn. As they were letting people on to ride, the worker cut the line off right as it was our turn. We were bummed at first since we had to wait a while longer, but then we realized we got first choice of animals to ride!

After the carousel we headed to the playground. Lucy made a beeline for the swings and had a great time. 

Carla got a great pic of Lu coming off the slide.

Girls against boys!

They started rocking while we were sitting, and I definitely got a little off balance with Emmy!

Working hard to pump the water. Lucy required an outfit change after this activity. Thanks, Aunt Carla, for taking care of that!

After the playground we settled down for a picnic lunch. Miss Emmy finally got a break from the carrier and had a bottle. 

For anyone interested, you can check out Lucy's lunch box here. We've used it a few times and love it. It keeps everything separated, doesn't leak, and is way easier than dealing with different tupperware and baggies. 

Stretching her legs. 

This little smirk was for her big cousin Andy, who was making her smile. 

Lucy's first train ride! There is no way I could have done this train ride without Carla and the big kids. There was a four minute window between the train pulling into the station and departing again. In that time we had to find two rows together, load the kiddos, collapse the strollers and load them (and all of the stuff that was in them). I had my heavy diaper bag, my picnic blanket, and a few other random items. It was hard for me to maneuver too much since I was wearing Emmy, so it seemed like Carla was throwing kids and strollers onto the train like nobody's business! But we made it, and the kiddos had a good time, so it was worth it!

Getting off the train was pretty much second verse same as the first. Kids and strollers everywhere! Here we are after a successful train ride. Lucy had just tripped and fell on her knee. She was totally fine, but needed to sit down and look for a boo boo right away. 

Saying goodbye to the water fountain. 

These two are so sweet! Sadie was wearing a purple shirt and pink shorts, so we wanted to get a pic of the girls in opposite outfits. Lu was having a hard time focusing up, though, so Sadie stood behind her to hold her in place. Cute picture, but doesn't show the outfits!

Here we are on our way out of the Village. We did it! Carla and I were quite proud of ourselves. 

This was Lucy on the ride home . . .

 . . . and this was Gordie once he got home. #jealous

I know every outing I take with the girls won't always go so smoothly, but I was pretty happy and encouraged that our first time went so well! A big thank you to Carla, Andy, and Sadie for all your help!



  1. Any time, Mol! I was so happy and proud of you when you said you were going to go...I know that it isn't easy with the ages of your girls, but you definitely nailed it your first time out! And we may have helped, but trust me when I say you would have been fine on your own too. You're a great mom and you handled everything like a champ!

  2. Oh, two more things: 1. Kudos to you on the same-day blogging!! Kind of a big deal, don't you think?! 2. I agree that Andy and Sadie were both extremely helpful to both of us and they were handsomely rewarded on our way home with a couple of Tim Bits!