Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Comparison Pictures

Matty has been asking for awhile now for me to put together some comparison pics of the girls. Emmy is spending the night at my mom and dad's tonight so I have the time to put a few together . . . and just couldn't stop! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the similarities! Oh, and so I don't have to type it for every picture, Lucy is always on the left or the top and Emily is always on the right or the bottom.

Just Born!
Hospital Snuggles

Going Home Outfits

First Doctor Appointment

Newborn Picture

Random Turtle Onesie 
(Newborn Size)

Carseat Picture 
(Both taken within the first few weeks)

Neck Control
Lucy is 4 months here and Em is only 2 months. Emily has WAY better neck control than Lucy did. If you'll recall, Lu had to go to physical therapy because she had neck issues. 

Chubby Cheeks! 
I think this really shows the difference in their complexions. Lucy's is more golden and basically flawless. Poor Emmy has super sensitive skin. Whenever her face rubs up against anything she gets red splotches or a little bit of a rash. 

Lucy is 3 months here, Em is 2.5. 

These two poses seemed similar to me. Lu is 3.5 months and Em is 2.5. 

Wearing the same outfit . . . at 4 months and 2.5 months!

That's all I have so far. Pretty darn cute, if you ask me, but I may be biased!