Sunday, May 21, 2017

Same Blog, Different Name!

Welcome to the new blog . . . where the only difference you'll find is the name! 

I honestly wasn't sure what to do with the name so that both girls would be incorporated. Eventually, I decided to do something using their middle names. This was very fitting because Lucy tells everyone that Em's name is "Emily Roses." Yes, that's right, more than one rose! So now we have a Lucy Belle and an Emily Roses. It's going to stick for the rest of her life, I just know it.  So I decided to run with that and . . . bam! New blog name. Sorry about the boring explanation and the twenty seconds of your life you can't have back.

Here's a few quick pics of the stars of the blog show. 

We are hanging in there. I have so many cute pics I'd like to share, and so little time without a crying baby in my arms to share them. Someday soon, I hope.



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