Thursday, May 25, 2017

Life Lately

Two blog posts in one week?! Am I back??! I'm cautiously optimistic. As I type this, it's 9:30am on Monday and both girls are still sleeping. I repeat, both girls are still sleeping! #whatishappening

So here's a little look at our life lately . . .

This was my Mother's Day breakfast. Unbeknownst the them, the girls gave me the best gift ever by both sleeping in for the first time. Matty made me a delicious breakfast that I was able to eat sitting down, using both arms, while it was still hot!

The weather was looking fantastic last Wednesday, so Matty took the day off to spend time with Lu and put together our new trampoline. Oh, and eat donuts! We started our day off with these beauties . . . 

 . . . and we weren't sad about it!

While Matty put together the trampoline, Lucy washed the lawnmower I bought from a mom to mom site. 

She took a break to eat an apple like a big girl at her new picnic table. 

The inaugural jump!

A rare smile from this little cutie!!

This is Lucy's new favorite way to lay and watch Daniel Tiger. She looks like such a big girl!

Keeping daddy company in the bathroom. Complete with rain boots, because you just never know. 

Aunt Carla and Emmy Roses!

Lucy made herself right at home during her 2 year check up. She introduced Nemo to her doctor and talked up a storm. She's a thriving little girl!

We did not turn on our AC during those few very hot days last week. Emmy's room was pretty warm, and we can't open the window because it's low to the ground in the front of the house. I picked her up at one point and she was super sweaty, so we had a sleepover out in the living room instead. She slept great on her tummy, and I slept next to her on the couch. 

She chose her own outfit, and we couldn't have loved it more. Pink striped leggings, purple long sleeved shirt, orange Adidas skirt, a tank dress with fruit on it, and neon yellow socks with flowers. #fashionista

We borrowed this swing from my friend Lisa, and Emily enjoys it. Thank goodness! This thing has six speeds, and she gets cruising around #5. Apparently she enjoys a vigorous rocking experience!

Lucy got Mega Blocks for her birthday, and she's been playing with them nonstop. 

Her little face in the mirror is so cute. Matty did not capture what happened next, which is when Lu freaked out and started crying because she couldn't get out.

Sunday morning I got to have breakfast with these lovely ladies. We celebrated the upcoming arrival of Nicole's baby boy, ate some yummy breakfast, and had great conversations. 

We have learned from our mistakes and planted a bare bones garden this year: cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, and basil. We finally added the housewarming gift that my aunt and uncle got us years ago. It looks great!

This was Matty's view from the dining room the other night. Emmy needed to eat, but Lu was having a meltdown because she wanted me in the bathroom with her during tub time. So there I am sitting on the bathroom floor feeding my baby. 

The Bachelorette started this past Monday!!! Finally, a reason to live again! Just kidding ;) sort of.  Also, how have I only JUST discovered the Bachelorette Fantasy League online?? I'm so on board! Alllll those years during football season when we've had to stop what we're doing because Matty would say, "Wait, I have to make my picks."  It's my turn now!

I usually wear Emmy when I take Lucy to the park during the day. The sunshade on my new carrier works great!

I call this move the "Feed and Read." I think it's going to be a classic in our house!

I made my first solo trip to the store with both girls earlier this week. All three of us did great! The only problem was that I was seriously low on space for my purchases. I think next time I'll have to wear Emmy.

Lu and her entourage. 

This was how she travelled the following day. 

This little lady is chubbing up like nobody's business. This is a 3 month outfit, but she also fits quite nicely into 6 month clothing. She'll be 2 months on the 31st. #healthyeater #justlikemama

And that's all for now. Remember earlier in the post when I said I started on Monday morning? Well, it's now Thursday morning and this is the first chance I've had to finish up the post. . . while Lu watches a Daniel Tiger and eats pancakes.  And I haven't finished The Bachelorette yet either. Perhaps I'm not as "back" as I thought I was.

Today will be spent packing and tonight we head to the cottage for Memorial Day. Our first trip as a family of four. We are looking forward to a change of scenery and seeing Sarah, Brian, and Tommy! Five adults, two toddlers, one infant, and two dogs. Mama's gonna need a chill pill. And a drink. And a nap! 

Have a great long weekend! Hopefully I'll get the Memorial Day pics posted before the 4th of July!


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