Thursday, May 4, 2017

Life Lately

You guys, little miss Emmy is rocking our world! Something changed after we brought her home, and she is SO FUSSY. As I type this, I'm hooked up to my pump in the kitchen and I can hear Emily screaming in the nursery while Matty tries to calm her down so I can try to get a few hours sleep. When we first brought her home from the hospital, Emily loved the rock and play and laid in it quite often. Now, she just wants to be held all. the. time. And, man, does she have a set of lungs on her! I'm not sure what is happening, but we need to figure out what the deal is and change it immediately!

We have had a few sweet moments this week, though, so here they are!

Rediscovering all of her old baby toys has been Lucy's favorite thing to do lately. 

A little Saturday morning Play Doh session while I pumped. 

On Sunday all four of us went to Costco. It was super crowded, but we got what we needed and survived the trip without any major incidents. 

This guy is not supposed to be in the nursery. However, I accidentally left the baby gate open and he wandered in. He laid down like a good boy, so I let him stay for a bit. 

Lu picked this dress out while we were shopping the other day. We got home, and she immediately needed to put it on. She kept saying "that's adorable." 

One girl would only nap while being held, and the other wanted to be held right after her nap. #mamaoftwo

Emily and I went shopping for decorations for Lucy's birthday party, and she did not want to be in her carseat. 

Then, she made it very clear in the car that she could not wait until we got home to eat, so I pulled over to feed her. There's nothing worse, to me, than a baby screaming while I'm trying to drive!

She finally passed out on the couch for a little bit. Look at that mouth! I'm pretty sure that's how I look whenever I finally get to lay down in our bed at night. 

I saw this painting idea on Facebook where you put dabs of paint on a canvas, cover it with plastic wrap, and then let your toddler go to town. This seemed like a great activity for Lucy to do while I pumped, so my mom and I tried it with her the other day. She didn't love it and couldn't understand why her hands weren't getting dirty! haha I made her do it for a few minutes and then let her get messy with the paint. 

We had a beautiful day yesterday, and this girl played outside HARD! She was dirty and tired . . . but apparently not tired enough to take a nap. #bummer

And that's all she wrote. I started this last night during my 10pm pump. It's now after 2am, and I'm up and pumping again. And guess who is still crying . . . 


She's gotta get better soon, that's what I keep telling myself!

Have a great weekend!


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