Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

Jesus was able to rise from the dead in fewer days than it took me to get this blog post out. Does that mean being the Risen Savior is slightly easier than being a mom of two?  Alternatively, I could have said that, compared to our Good Friday, Jesus' day was a breeze. I could really keep the inappropriate Catholic jokes going all day long. 

Matty had Good Friday off, which I think he ended up being totally bummed about considering he dubbed it "The Worst Day of Lucy's Life." It started out promising. We had Grandma Ri come over to watch Emily so that we could take Lucy to do something fun with just the two of us. Rita brought Lucy's Easter basket with her, and Lucy loved this adorable Minnie Mouse hat.

We decided to take Lucy to Funtastic because she loves to play there . . . but not on Friday she didn't! There was a tantrum to get her in the car. A tantrum when we got there and she didn't want to play. A tantrum when we tried to leave because she didn't want to play. A tantrum when we stopped at Buy Buy Baby to pick up some bottles for Emily. And this was all before lunchtime! At one point, she got mad at something when we were home and she dragged her play kitchen across the floor and started throwing food everywhere. We took her to the park, but that didn't make her happy either. It really was quite possibly the worst day we've ever had with Lucy. 

Here we are on Friday night. Smiling because Lucy was FINALLY sleeping soundly and giving us a break. I strapped on Emily, and the three of us were ready to put the house back in order after Hurricane Lucy. 

Both of us were a little leery of what Saturday would bring. We started the day with the mindset that, within reason, anything Lucy did or didn't want to do we would oblige. It would be a Lucy-led day. Maybe not the best parenting, but we needed to survive! Thankfully, the weather was warm and beautiful and we could get out the water to play in. Because kids don't care how cold the hose water is! Did I wish that she hadn't gotten her cute new outfit all wet? Yep. Did I say anything to her or Matty when I saw the hose come out? No WAY! #goingwiththeflow

After playing hard all morning long, these three took good naps. The only way we could get Lucy to sleep was if she napped on me in her rocking chair, so I sat and read for a bit. 

We were having friends over for dinner Saturday evening, but Lucy wanted to play outside. Matty took her out about ten minutes before Ryan and Stephanie were due to arrive. I looked out to see what they were doing, and this is what I saw! It's Lucy's world, we just live in it. 

We finally got her inside for dinner, and Ryan and Stephanie brought Lucy the cutest little Easter basket with her first chocolate bunny. I told her just to eat the ears. She ate the ears and most of the head. (Please refer to my last sentence in the previous photo!)

By some miracle, we got through dinner and bath time without incident. Matty helped Lu leave out a carrot for the Easter bunny, and then she went right to sleep without a peep. Phew!

Lucy's basket on the left, Emily's on the right. The Easter bunny hid Lucy's basket in the corner behind her chair, and Lucy kept saying "silly bunny!"

By 8:15am, Matty and Lucy were outside blowing bubbles. The rest of the morning consisted of playing, playing, and more playing. And no napping because Easter dinner at my parents' house conflicted with nap time. 

Our plan was to leave our house by 1:15 to give us plenty of time to get to my parents' house by 2. At a little before 1:00, I picked Emily up out of her rocker to change her, and there was poop everywhere! So as we hurried to give her a bath, Lucy was very unhappy that Em was getting all of the attention, but we managed to get everyone dressed and ready and in the car by 1:24. I call that a win!

Lucy enjoyed playing with her cousins. She did not enjoy eating anything . . . except the desserts!

I love this next group of photos. Emmy's eyes were open, and everyone kept appearing to look and I just kept snapping away!

Ready to go hunt for eggs!

The master of the egg hunt ceremonies. 

Lucy and her entourage.

So graceful and ladylike . . .she gets it from her mama!

A direct quote from my dad: "Don't go putting that on the Internet. Just keep it to yourself."

The drive home!

Lucy hadn't napped, and we could tell she was getting close to losing it, so we high-tailed it out of my parents' house just as they were putting out the dessert. We grabbed some carrot cake and enjoyed it in the car on the drive home!

Overall, it was a successful Easter weekend with lots of food, family and good weather fun!



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