Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Coming Up for Air

No, I haven't changed the name of the blog yet. Yes, I've looked into it. Apparently, it's a lot more tedious than I thought. So, for now, it's staying the same!

Depending on the day, we are either "hanging in there" or "doing great." Here's a little look at Emily's first week at home. Oh, and I usually put the pictures in chronological order, but this post is just kind of a hodge podge . . . mainly because all of my days are running together!

Matty and Lucy washed Emily's night time bottles every morning. Lu is a great little dish washer!

Here's Lucy giving her baby sister a bottle and petting her gently on the head. 

My friend Amber made this adorable hat!

I took a picture of Em before we headed out to her first doctor appointment. That's Lucy on the left and Emily on the right. Sisters, for sure!

There's been LOTS of snuggling. 

Matty and Lucy have been spending lots of quality time together. They love to walk through the park and look for ducks. I believe that on this day Lu didn't even get out of her pajamas. That's how Daddy rolls. 

Lisa invited us over for a little play date to get us out of the house one day. She's so genuinely happy to hold a baby!

Matty sat with Greta and Lucy while they painted and listened to Taylor Swift. I'm sure he enjoyed getting a taste of what our play dates are like!

Lisa even made the girls lunch, which was so nice to get a break from doing!

My mom watched Lucy one day while Matty and I ran to Babies R Us and Costco. We both thought this shirt was funny . . . and pretty true!

Walking around Costco feeding a newborn is WAY easier than walking around Costco with a curious toddler!

We got Lucy a new life jacket while we were at Costco, and she had a good time trying it on when we got home. 

There was one afternoon last week when everyone got to take naps AT THE SAME TIME! Lu started off in her crib but then woke up so Matty got her and laid down on the couch with her and she went right back to sleep. I was snuggling on the love seat with Emmy. I took this picture at one point during the nap . . .  

 . . . and then Matty took one from his point of view. 
Lucy must think that Emily works up an appetite during tummy time, because she brought her a hot dog! 

I must have overdone it a bit one of the days last week because I woke up feeling exhausted and in a lot of pain. We spent some of the morning in our bed with both girls, and it was so nice!

Matty has been teaching LuLu how to "pump iron" in the basement. She's working on her abs for bathing suit season. 

I kind of feel like I can't ever complain about life with a toddler and a newborn because my awesome friend Leslie is doing the same thing . . . but with twins! I can barely manage to get us all dressed for the day, but she stopped by for a visit with both of her boys and made us fruit salad. She's a super mom!

Babies everywhere!

Lucy makes sure her sister is well fed!

Celebrating Opening Day with matching hats!

During one of Matty's last few days at home with us, we decided to try and take Em's newborn pics and then some sibling pics. I had Lucy dressed up so cute in her "Big Sister" tshirt and pigtails . . .

 . . . and Emily had on her Little Sister onesie and the cutest little baby jeggings!

And within about 5 minutes seconds of me asking Lucy to pose with her sister, this is what was going on. One bow was out, pigtail was almost gone, and she had found my phone to watch a video. She had absolutely zero interest in cooperating, and I just let it go. This is why we don't pay for professional pictures!

A behind-the-scenes look at Emily's newborn photo shoot. 

After we were finished, I managed to catch this sweet little moment. 

Our new Friday nights! Seriously, though, who are we kidding?! . . . our old Friday nights looked exactly like this, just without a baby!

Unfortunately, the weather was pretty rainy while Matty was home, but we did get some nice weather over the weekend. We took the girls out for our first walk as a family of four!

When we were walking home, a fire truck drove down our street and Lu stopped to wave. The truck pulled over, and one of the firemen got out to give Lucy a badge!

They offered to let her go in the truck, but she wasn't having it, so we opted for a picture outside. 

She was so excited and loves wearing her badge! And Matty and I were very impressed with the Canton Fire Department. 

Apparently playing with a soccer ball and a tub of water is the greatest thing ever!

Tummy time is exhausting. 

When Matty holds Emily, you either get this . . .

 . . . or this!

Can you tell I'm a little preoccupied these days? I considered this an acceptable outfit one day after dinner. 

Two babies, two monitors, two tired parents!

Emily is turning out to be a pretty good sleeper. She goes about 3 hours in between feedings at night. I currently have a late night, middle of the night, and early morning pump to do throughout the nighttime hours, so my nights have been pretty busy. So far there's only been one night where I got zero sleep. That was no fun!

Matty went back to work this week, and the grandmas are helping out everyday because I can't lift Lucy yet. That has most definitely been the hardest part of everything! When she's calm, Lucy understands that "mama hurt her tummy" and can't pick her up. When she gets upset, though, all she wants is for me to pick her up. 

The first five or six nights we kept Emily in our room, mainly for convenience and so she wouldn't wake up Lucy. However, we knew we needed to break that habit fast, so we've been putting Em in her crib for about five nights now, and she's doing great! And so far her crying hasn't caused so much as a stir in Lucy in the middle of the night, THANK GOODNESS!

And there you have it . . . our first week! Matty has Good Friday off, so I'm looking forward to having him home for three days in a row. I hope everyone has a very  Happy Easter!



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