Saturday, April 29, 2017

Catching Up

This blog post is dedicated to my SIL Carla, who let me know that I'm overdue for an update and that I have nothing better to do during my 2am pumping session than work on a blog post.  ;) So if you walk into my kitchen at 2am, rather than see me pumping milk with my head resting on the counter trying desperately to get just a few more minutes of sleep, you'll see me dutifully working on the blog. However, I took my contacts at out last night and, in my tired state, forgot to grab my glasses when I came out to feed Emily and pump. So, this blurry blog post is for you, Carla!!

We were given a hand-me-down bike to use for Lucy until she gets her new one for her birthday next month. Matty stopped after work one day and bought her a Minnie Mouse helmet. He put it on her and she immediately decided she was all set to ride Nonnie instead of her bike. 

Once we convinced her to ride the bike instead of the donkey, she had a great time!

The bike has the handle so adults can help push, but it doesn't help steer! Oma helped Lucy during our lap around the park. . .which suddenly seemed very looooong. Thankfully, we'll be able to help her steer her new bike. (Update: Lucy's new bike arrived this morning and, unfortunately, the box was not enclosed in an Amazon box so Lucy saw what it was. She kept saying she wanted to ride the bike. Matty put the box in the basement, but that girl is like an elephant and never forgets anything so I don't know if we'll be able to hold her off til her birthday!)

Lucy's idea of how to help bring in the recycle bins. 

Emily's under there somewhere!  J to the K. 

One of Lucy's new favorite activities is to set up a cozy place to "nap." 

Outdoor buddies. 

My mom and I took the girls to Fresh Thyme, which was one of the first outings where I've taken both of them. Lucy had a meltdown when I was trying to get her in the car so I did not have high hopes for the trip, but she was sweet as sugar as soon as we got in the store. 

Sisterly Love. 

I feel like I don't love being in pictures lately because I haven't figured out an effective way to make myself not look exhausted.  However, we were having a good day and Lucy was loving on her baby sister, so it needed to be documented. 

Lucy and Matty were at home napping so this little lady and I ran a few errands. One of us was looking extra cute!

My mom bought the girls their first pair of matching outfits. The photo session was a huge success, obviously. 

Our niece, Sadie, made her First Communion last Sunday.

The weather was beautiful, and Lucy had a great time playing Monkey in the Middle outside at the party. 

Look at that tummy!

Matty often takes the evening shift with Emily, and they spend lots of time cuddling on the couch or in bed watching TV.

It's lawn season again, and Matty is off to a great start!

This was my Saturday style last weekend. Lucy HATED the baby carrier, but Emily seems to view it as a super comfy way to take a good snooze. This is my friend Lisa's Baby Bjorn, complete with a custom made elephant cover! I returned my carrier when it was obvious Lucy wasn't going to use it, and I didn't want to buy another one until I was sure Em liked it. I think I have an Ergo Baby coming my way for Mother's Day, which I'm excited about, but I sure will miss this cute cover!

And speaking of baby carriers . . . look at my sweet friend Leslie carrying her twin boys at the park! Their heads crack me up! Did I mention that she was carrying the boys while chasing her two-year-old daughter around?? Mother of the year, for sure!!

We went to Cantoro's Italian Market, and Lucy got a free chocolate coconut macaroon. I swear, if I could eat them my face would have been the same way because they are DELICIOUS! Unfortunately, it looks like Em's tummy is going the same route as Lucy's . . . dairy and soy sensitivity for the first year of life! That means this breastfeeding mama has to eliminate all dairy and soy from my diet. There is no emoji face sad enough for how I'm feeling!

I normally don't let her play in the spice cabinet anymore, but she was so cute building this tower I just couldn't stop her. 

We made a quick trip to Meijer the other morning that involved a stop at Tim Horton's and a ride on the penny pony. What a way to start the day!

Wednesday was 80 degrees and sunny, and we took full advantage. As you can see, things escalated pretty quickly. She's not wearing a diaper or pants in the last picture, and I'm fairly certain that's how she'll spend a good portion of the summer!

Emily enjoyed the warmer weather by taking a good nap. 

Soup face!

Napping while I fold laundry. I swear, if I could put her in her crib on her tummy at night, we'd all get a solid night's sleep! 

Emily wasn't feeling the sister snuggles, but Lucy sure was!

Beer, tools, and his baby girl. These are a few of Matty's favorite things! #wheresthebourbon

Lucy loves to wear Em's mobile like a hat.

Grandma Ri and I each got a girl for naptime on Friday. Lucy insisted she didn't need a nap (it's been a lovely phase!), and then she passed out on the couch while we rested and watched a show.

Emily got her first real bath on Friday night, and she didn't cry at all. Matty is the bath master at our house. I don't know why, but I really don't enjoy giving either girl a bath! I'm there for support and to dress them afterward, but Matty does the washing.  

And that's what we've been up to lately! In general, things are going pretty well. In my opinion, Emily is kind of a fussy baby and doesn't sleep well at night. I'm hoping that once we are a few weeks in to my new diet sans soy and dairy that things might go better. Despite her tummy troubles, she continues to eat every 1.5-2 hours round the clock and is turning into quite the adorable little chubbers!

Lucy's tantrums seem to have subsided for now . . . knock on wood. There were some dark days there where we thought our sweet little Lucy was gone for good! I'm feeling better and am more mobile now, so I'm hoping we can get back into some of our regular activities that are familiar to her again.

Hope all is well!


  1. Thanks for the update Molls!!!!!! I enjoyed every minute of it :) Oh, except the part where you said you don't like how you look in pictures...knock it off ;) You're beautiful even when exhausted - cut yourself some slack!