Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Recap

Another busy weekend with a lot of pictures. Lucy decided to skip nap on both Saturday and Sunday, which made for long days. Matty actually commented that he doesn't know how I do this by myself everyday, especially while being so pregnant. Felt good to get a little recognition!

Another onesie lost to tomato soup. I really hope that Lucy finishes her anti-bib phase soon. 

This girl loves her finger painting!

We spent St. Patrick's Day morning at Funtastic. There was a lot of green running around!

A huge thank you to Lisa who crawled up to the top of the slide with the girls three times and helped them down.  We were at Funtastic last Monday as well, and I did the slide twice with Lucy. It quickly became clear that it was a mistake, so Lisa was happy to help out on Friday. 

Greta going in for a hug . . . 

 . . . and then a kiss!

Lucy's friend Amelia turned one last weekend, and her mom brought us a few cupcakes. 

Lucy seemed to enjoy them!

Lucy napped for a little less than an hour on Friday afternoon and then woke up crying. I rocked her for a few minutes and she fell back asleep. Apparently my giant bump doesn't bother her. 

Besides the fact that I had nothing else to do, I couldn't stop taking pics of her while she napped. She was so darn cute!

Lucy has been super into "hoop ball" lately, and Matty taught her how to catch the ball on Friday evening. Previously, she'd just leave her hands at her sides and let the ball bounce off of her when we tossed it to her. 

Lucy woke up super happy and crazy Saturday morning. She was sitting on the couch watching Sydney chase her tail and Sydney kind of tipped herself out of her bed and thumped to the floor. Matty and I were laughing about it when we noticed that Lucy had her head buried between the couch and the pillow. We took a pic because it was cute, and we thought she was playing, but then she looked up at us and burst into tears! Apparently, she didn't think Sydney's tumble out of bed was as funny as we did. #sosensitive

We took an early morning trip to Busch's on Saturday, and Lucy enjoyed another ride in their car carts. 

And when we got home, she enjoyed a donut hole . . . or two!

We had to take both dogs to the vet on Saturday morning, so Grandma Ri came over to play with Lucy. As you can see, Sydney was thrilled about heading to the vet. 

It's all fun and games . . .until you are kept waiting and the trip takes an hour and a half. Notice Sydney hiding under the bench hoping that the vet won't notice her. 

My insomnia is worse than it's ever been. So after a busy Saturday without a break since Lucy didn't nap, this is what I looked like about half an hour after Lu went to bed. #glamorouslife #dontbejealous

She was eating her eggs, so I really didn't care that she was doing it like a doggie. 

Lucy and Matty were playing in the basement, and she found my bin of Christmas pillows and blankets. She and Matty snuggled . . .

 . . . and pretended to take a snooze. 

Riding the penny pony at Meijer. Yee haw!

Matty and Lucy walked to the park after we got home from the grocery. I was able to put the groceries away neatly, clean our bathroom, and start a load of laundry. It was great!

All dressed up and ready for her Easter pictures! Yes, those are sparkly bunny clips in her hair. 

A behind the scenes glimpse of Lucy's photo shoot with bunnies and a baby lamb. She had skipped her nap (again), so she wasn't quite as smiley as I would have liked. The photographer assured me she got some good shots. We shall see. 

After the photo session, we ate dinner at my mom and dad's. Lucy wasn't crazy about the dinner, but certainly enjoyed the chocolate pie for dessert! 

It was 6:30, and we were ready to drive home and put Lucy to bed. But she walked out with a tray of play dishes and said she had to wash dishes first! 

Judge if you must, but we turned Lucy's carseat around to forward facing. She is tall for her age, and her legs were so cramped and it was really hard to get her in and out of the seat. Matty flipped it on Saturday, and we have a much happier rider. Plus, it's way easier to get in and out. On the 30 minute ride home she kept saying, "I see truck! I see moon! I see store!" It was like a whole new world for her. 

Until she fell asleep ten minutes before we got home!

And now the weekend is over, and I'm faced with another week of chasing Lucy around on my own. If I could just sleep at night, the days would be much easier! And yes, I know that I'll be even more tired once Emily arrives, but at least I'll be able to sleep. Once Lucy was born, the insomnia went away immediately and I was able to sleep in between feedings no problem. I should probably pack my hospital bag this week, just in case Emily decides to make an early appearance. Can't believe there's less than two weeks to go! It's very weird/scary/exciting all at the same time!

Have a great week!


  1. Can't wait to see those pictures!!! And I'm shocked you don't have your hospital bag ready yet!!!! You're always so prepared!! Hop to it, lady ;)