Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekend Recap: Another Busy One!

Another busy weekend is in the books. Busy, yet very productive. The nursery is 99% complete, and it looks great! I sure hope Emily likes pink! ;) In addition to lots of nursery projects, we managed to squeeze in dinner with my parents and nephew, did our taxes, and I had a little mama time with my friends on Sunday morning. All in all, not a bad weekend!

On Thursday mornings we've been going to Open Gym at a gymnastics facility. Lucy always talks about the block pit, but rarely wants to go in it. This past Thursday, though, I couldn't get her out of it! She had a blast sliding in and climbing out, and even let me throw her in a few times. She also followed it up with a three hour nap! #momwin

Had to stop at the grocery after the gym. Lucy was super pumped about getting a cart with a car on it. Am I the only one who finds those things impossible to maneuver?!

Lucy has been really interested in counting things lately, so I picked up this Cookie Monster counting toy for her. She seems to really enjoy it. 

Because we have very few "relaxing" Friday nights left, Matty decided to get crazy and brought out both of our recliners from their respective rooms. This was the set up I encountered after Lucy went to bed on Friday evening. We were ready to relax and watch some TV!

Just a guy and his dog . . . and his recliner, blanket, and neck pillow! Matty says we're awesome. I say we're ridiculous. You be the judge!

Covered in stuffies in Emily's crib. 

It was cold on Saturday, but we bundled everyone up and went for a lap around the park and a stop at the slides before lunch. 

On Saturday evening we went for pizza at Buddy's with my parents and my nephew. It was super crowded and our 25 minute wait turned into an hour! Lucy handled it a little better than I did. She had a sucker and then three rounds of goldfish at the bar before we had to cut her off. 

We finally got seated, and the food was well worth the wait! 

Lucy ended the night drinking her milk sans pants in a basket of balls. Not a bad way to end your Saturday!

Sunday morning started off with cartoons (the recliners remained in the family room all weekend). 

And then I left to have some bagels with my mama friends who were kind enough to get together and sprinkle me with some gifts for Emily! See my friends Leslie in the pink on the right? She has an almost two-year-old at home and just had twin boys 3.5 weeks ago . . .and still managed to make some time to hang out.  She is a super mama!

My friends were so sweet and generous, and I just have to brag on all the gifts I received. 

This storage bin was stocked full of drinks and snacks to keep a nursing mama going. I'm sure Nicole meant for these to be used while I'm feeding Emily. Hopefully she can't tell that both Milano cookie bags are open ;) I'm 8 months pregnant . . . what do you expect?! Also, how cute are those outfits?!

My friend Becky got me some delicious smelling shower soaps and a gift card to Target . . . which she encouraged me to use for myself rather than baby stuff. No problem!

Leslie bought me a bunch of toys so that Emily could have some new ones of her own in addition to Lucy's old ones. I thought this was a great idea because I never thought to buy any new toys!

My friend Lisa had already made and delivered the pillow cases for the two bigger pillows. At the sprinkle, she gave me a matching pillow for the recliner in Emily's room and made Emily's very first personalized onesie!

The back has a cute ruffle butt!

While I was getting spoiled by my friends, Matty and Lucy took a trip to Home Depot and then played outside in the sunshine. 

Lucy has been enjoying snuggling down on the couch and in our bed lately. She says she wants to nap there, but there's no way she'd actually fall asleep. 

The difference in sizes of Lucy's onesies and diapers and Emily's. 

I can't believe that Lucy used to be so small!!

And that's all she wrote. We have a pretty standard week ahead of us. My mom is going to watch Lucy on Wednesday so I can go out and do some errands and tie up a few last minute loose ends . . . and then we should be officially baby ready. If this one comes early like Lucy did, we won't be caught off guard this time!

Have a great week!


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