Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tiredness and Tantrums

But enough about me . . . let's talk about Lucy. Ha!

One of us has been tired beyond belief, and the other has been testing limits and throwing tantrums over all kinds of things. But, as usual, the good still outweighs the bad, and I have plenty of cute pictures from our week so far. 

Brian and Tommy were in town for a few days this week, and we took the kiddos to Funtastic and out to lunch on Monday. I think Grandma Ri was excited to have both of her grandkiddos in the same place. 

We tried our best to get a picture of Tommy and Lucy together to compare sizes. Tommy is five months younger, but not so much smaller anymore! Oh, and there's my baby bump too!

Sometimes when you wake up from a nap, you just gotta ask for milk in your crib and snuggle with Minnie. 

All smiles on the couch with Dadu!

Looking super cute in her Tigers hat.

Lucy wore her St. Patrick's Day shirt to Sing and Play on Tuesday. Then we decorated an empty container with St. Patrick's Day stickers to make a drum. I chose not to photograph the part where I told her she couldn't have any more pretzels because it was almost lunch time so she swiped her arm across the table and knocked everything on the floor. Just like you see in the movies. #dramaqueen

She's actually feeding her pig leftover tokens from a beer festival Matty went to a while back. They have been in his drawer for a long time, and I just didn't feel like arguing with her AGAIN about not putting them in the pig. 

Matty is usually the bath time king, but he had a work event on Tuesday night so I had to step in. Lucy loves sticking her head under the running faucet. 

Playing in the snow with Dadu!

Matty took the cutest little photo collage of a happy little Lu. 

And a dog pic, too. Look how much Snort has faded!

We had a lazy morning yesterday which included making cornbread to go with our leftover chili for dinner. 

A new Busch's grocery opened up right by our house yesterday so we went to check it out. Lucy enjoyed riding in a brand new car cart. 

One of my friends sent me this yesterday, and it made me laugh. March is always so long as it is, but waiting for a C-Section on the last day of the month is brutal!

And that's about it. This weekend our plans include taking the dogs to the vet and taking Lucy to an extra special photo shoot on Sunday!

Have a great weekend!


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