Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lucy's Special Day

I didn't have any plans yesterday, so I decided to do a special mama/daughter day with Lucy. The days of it being just the two of us during the day are seriously numbered, so I'm trying to soak up as much time with her as I can.

We started the morning by playing hard at home. I feel like I usually rush her around because we have a class or play date to get to, but today we had a nice, leisurely morning. Lucy chose mini-pancakes and strawberries for breakfast, and I even let her stand in her tower at the kitchen counter and watch Daniel Tiger while she ate. She loved it.

After playing with her babies, putting them down for a nap, clipping herself in and out of Emily's carseat, and moose hunting on our bed (a game she and her Daddy made up), Lucy finally seemed ready to hit the road. We went to Kohl's first with the intent of picking out her Easter dress. Apparently, I'm a little too ahead of the game because they did not have much of a selection out yet. So I selected three shirts and three casual dresses, laid them all out, and let Lucy choose which of each she wanted. Here are her super cute selections:

Next, we headed to the Plymouth Library for some play time. This gigantic bear was waiting for us as we walked down the stairs!

Ever the social butterfly, Lucy ran into her friend Catherine and they had a good time playing with puppets and sharing a snack together. 

We sat on the reading mats and read a few books, and then headed out to lunch.

We went to Panera. Lucy ate half of her PB&J, all of her yogurt tube, all of my baguette, and quite a bit of my tomato soup. She sat on my lap most of the time and watched the trucks and cars go by outside. 

And then we walked down to the Cupcake Station for dessert! She trotted alongside me the entire block saying, "Cake! Cake!" 

I don't know why her face looks like this in the picture, because she was super excited to see all of the cupcake choices. Maybe it was because I told her she had to choose a mini cupcake. 

She quickly chose a cupcake with "balls" on it, and I chose a carrot cake one. The Cupcake Station has the BEST carrot cake!

Prepare yourself for quite a few pictures of Lucy eating her cupcake. She was just so darn cute! 

Cupcake cheers!

While I was cleaning her up, she said, "I go home and see Sydney now." This was perfect because that was exactly my plan! We went home, played for a little bit longer, and she went right down for her nap! 

There was no fussing or tantrums. Just unbelievable cuteness. What a great time with my pint-sized bestie!



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