Thursday, March 2, 2017

Life Lately

You have Matty to thank for this post. It completely slipped my mind that it was blogging night! #pregnancybrain

Life lately has been pretty low key around here, and apparently pretty smiley. Lu has been giving us some pretty big grins this week.

Lucy continues to wake up and want to be cuddled a little bit. I really don't mind!

Loving her "breakfast" hairdo to keep the honey out of her hair. 

Trying out the rocking chairs at Home Goods. Lucy and I have been doing a lot of shopping and errand running, and she is turning into quite the little sidekick! I've accepted a few facts that have made our outings easier: 1. She will always require a snack, 2. Don't even bother with the stroller anymore, and 3. Never be in a rush. Following these three rules has made shopping a little bit easier. Although I'm still not ready to try our weekly grocery shopping on a weekend without Matty's help. I'm telling you, once Emily gets here I think curbside pick-up might become a regular occurrence at our house. 

This is Lucy's new "cookie face."

Lucy is much more adventurous at the park when there aren't any other kids at the playground. We went after dinner on Monday evening and were the only ones there . . . so she finally tried out the big kid slides!

Enjoying some milk and a story before bath time. 

I got out our infant carseat so I could disassemble it and wash everything. Lucy had a blast sitting in it and playing with the buckles. All. Day. Long. I'll give her a few more days for the novelty to wear off, but I might have to hide it if this keeps up!

And of course I had to do a comparison picture of Lucy in the seat at four days old and yesterday at 21 months old. My how time flies! 

We have a few little projects left to finish up this weekend in the nursery, and we have big plans to do our taxes on Saturday. Try not to be too envious of how hard the Kissels rock the weekends! In more exciting weekend news, my mama friends have planned a little sprinkle for me on Sunday morning. Girl time and bagels. Yes, m'am! 

Have a great weekend!


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