Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring!

Alternative title: Lucy's First Ice Cream Cone!

The Kissels celebrated the first day of Spring with free cones at the Dairy Queen! Up until now, Lucy has really only had a few bites of our ice cream and hasn't seemed to like it at all. She makes a funny face and says, "too cold!" I didn't have high hopes that she would enjoy her cone . . . boy was I wrong!

Lucy was really excited to see the "snowman" outside of the DQ!

Rolling up her sleeves and getting ready!

Matty and Lucy had vanilla with sprinkles. I had a twist with sprinkles. Or, as Lucy exclaimed, "Balls!!"

After a few bites, she decided to get serious and put her sunnies on. 

I think she likes it!!

Delicious to the very last bite!

It was a great little special outing for a Monday night. Hopefully the first of many ice cream trips as spring and summer progress! 

Happy Spring!


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