Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Emily's Nursery

Here's a little sneak peek at the nursery for our newest little lady!

When we found out I was pregnant with Lucy, Matty and I painted both of the extra bedrooms a very light gray and decided we would use accent colors to spruce it up, rather than painting the walls purple or pink. The fact that Emily's room was already painted and ready to go made decorating it fairly easy.

Lucy's room has purple as an accent color, so I decided to go with pink for Emily. I was kind of floundering a bit over what I wanted to do, but then I found the picture hanging above her changing table at Home Goods and knew that it was my inspiration!

This is the view from her doorway. Unfortunately, Emily's room is at the front of the house and has that large window. The pink curtains are actually blackout curtains and do a fairly good job of keeping it dark for daytime naps. Another unfortunate aspect of her room is that I feel like we will never be able to have the windows open while she's sleeping. I'm sure I'll learn to deal with it, though!

To the left of the doorway is her crib, closet, and changing table. The mirrored doors give you a look at the other side of the room.

We decided to go with the same crib that we have for Lucy. Thank you to my mom and dad for purchasing the crib and mattress! I made Emily's name by stapling fabric to canvases, painted the wooden letters, and then glued them on. A special thanks to Matty for doing most of the stapling and hanging them so perfectly!

The pictures really don't do them justice. I'm super proud of them and like them more than the frames I did for Lucy's name!

I love this cloud crib sheet! Emily has an elephant lovie waiting for her courtesy of Oma and Pop, and the dolly on the right is supposed to be a gift from Lucy to Emily . . . but Lucy plays with it all the time so maybe they'll have to share. #sisters

The mobile was a freeby from my friend Becky, and it matches perfectly!

There's a pink dust ruffle on the crib, but the mattress is at its highest point right now so it doesn't really show underneath. 

There's the picture I was talking about! Also, I'd like to state for the record that, ideally, the picture would have been hung slightly lower. However, there is a cable hook up and some other kind of outlet on the wall and the goal was to cover them up. If the picture was any lower, they would have been peeking out from the top of it. The dresser is from Ikea, and I added some pink sparkly knobs for a little bit of pizzazz! #girlmom

I love this part of the room! Thanks to Grandma Ri for the new rocker that is waaaay more comfy than the one in Lucy's room. Bring on the sleep regressions, I could sit in that thing all day. Just kidding! About the regressions, not the rocker. That bit of space underneath the shelves is really the only empty space in the room. At first I thought we'd put a bookshelf there, but then I thought about all the floor toys and the play mat that Emily will need and decided to leave a small bit of room for growth. 

Above the rocker is a cute collage frame for Emily's monthly photos. 

 I found these cute shelves on Amazon and love them! They hold a few things to have on display (baby book, some special new books just for Emily, and a frame for her birth announcement). The rest of her toys and books will most likely be stored in an organizer we have in the closet for now. 

So there you have it! Overall, I'm really happy with how it turned out. Did I go gonzo with the pink? Yes. Does it make me smile every time I walk in? Definitely! 

Again, a big huge THANK YOU to Matty for spending his nights and weekends plowing through the long list of things that needed to be accomplished to get Emily's room ready.

We are all set and ready to go . . . now we just need the baby! If she's keeping to her scheduled timeline, only three more days to go!!



  1. Mol, everything turned out so super cute!! Visitors get to hold Emily in the rocker too right??? As long as Lucy says it's ok, of course ;)

    1. Thanks!! Anyone is welcome to attempt to sit in the rocker, but Lucy is pretty territorial about it, as you well know! haha She likes to make sure that mama gets the comfiest seat in the house.