Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekend Recap: Birthday Edition/Longest Post Ever Edition

What a weekend! We were busy busy busy, but we also had fun, fun, fun. On Thursday morning, my friend Amber came over and brought Lucy a few treats. 

These Valentine's Day glasses were a huge hit. 

This adorable giraffe print car seat poncho? Not so much. I've left it laying out in her room, and so far she's petted it a lot and asked to wear it once, but then cried immediately and took it off. We'll get there!

Amber also brought all of these adorable things for Emily. She is so talented and makes the cutest baby items! Her burp cloths are the absolute best. 

So I thought about doing a random post Friday night because I had so many pics of Lucy from Friday. But then I went to bed instead, so you're going to get overloaded with them now. She had such a good day and was a little ham with the camera all day long.

She had a waffle with peanut butter and honey on it for breakfast. She was super sticky, and her shirt got messy, and the day could not continue until I took off her shirt. Once the offensive shirt was off, Lu was back to her happy little self. 

And then after breakfast, she thought it was hilarious to pull her pants up and down. 

We had a Valentine's Day craft play date Friday morning, so Lucy put on her VDay best. Her shirt says "Sweet-o-Saurus." #socute

She was all set and ready to go . . . just needed a little lipstick to finish things off!

That pose . . . that face . . . we are going to be in trouble!

By some miracle, all seven of the mamas in our group were able to make the play date. That means there was seven mamas and eight kiddos. By June there will be seven mamas and TWELVE kiddos! Anyone know a good hall we can rent out for future play dates?! ;)

We had a light lunch after the play date because we snacked on fruits, veggies, and all things healthy donuts, muffins, and veggie straws all morning. This girl was happy to be having some cheese! #cheeseface

Matty made a surprise visit home on Friday after lunch to drop off Emily's crib and rocking chair. I had to lighten this picture a lot, but he and LuLu were getting in some good snuggle time in the new rocker Friday evening. 

Saturday morning we all worked together to make a carrot cake for my birthday. How cute are these two?! It just so happened that Matty and I went on our first day 16 years ago Saturday. Looks like things worked out!

The dingos were quite overdue for some new dog beds. Lucy tried out the ones we selected to make sure they were cozy. 

Matty caught this gem of a pose while I was making lunch on Saturday afternoon. 

I see 2 sets of puppy dog ears, 2 sets of puppy dog eyes, and 1 PB&J. Sydney was very diligent, but never got a bite. 

We celebrated my birthday with our parents on Saturday evening so as not to interfere with the Super Bowl on Sunday. I relied on my dad to be the photographer, so now we've got pictures with the date on them in every shot. My parents arrived just as Lucy was waking up from her nap. 

When I look back on this pregnancy, can this please be the picture I always think of? Good old Dad managed to capture a keeper, which has been tough to do the past 7 months. I don't look TOO exhausted, the angle is good so I don't look like a house, and there's no double chin. #winner

Lucy and her grandmas playing with stickers. 

Taking a break from playing to look at mama's new make up. 

Lucy got ranch dressing all over her shirt at dinner, so of course she needed it off right away. It was getting close to bath time so I didn't bother to put a new one on her. Plus, we love when she shows off her baby arms! 

Sharing some delicious carrot cake with my sweet girl. What if this is the only way she'll ever eat carrots?!

Matty caught our photographer taking a brief siesta. Also, Snort seems to be enjoying his new bed!

Couch cuddles in the evening are the best. Lu loves her milk right before bath and bed time. 

Sunday was my actual birthday, and we celebrated by taking Lucy to toddler time at Sky Zone. Matty doesn't usually get to participate in things like this, so we were all pretty excited. LuLu couldn't decide if she should wear my her jump socks or mine. 

Matty took this picture from the massage chair he was sitting in. Just kidding. Although, they did have four coin-operated massage chairs right there which I thought was a little strange. Apparently the other parents did too because I never saw anyone using them. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it!

About halfway through we took a break to walk around a bit, pretend to play video games, and have a snack. 

We finished off with some more jumping. Lucy did a great job and had fun running/jumping/face planting back and forth between Matty and me.  Side note: When we were eating lunch afterward, I asked Lu what her favorite part of Sky Zone was, and she said, "Daddy comes." #meltmyheart

Special birthday delivery for Mama! Lucy helped me put away her diapers, and pulled a bunch out of the package in the process. While she was putting them away, she counted to four all by herself! Apparently we are raising a baby genius ;) 

And that's all she wrote! After lunch Lucy went down for a nap, I was able to take an hour long nap, and then go to the grocery and run some errands ALL BY MYSELF! Greatest birthday gift ever! Oh, and Matty even changed a poopy diaper while I was gone. 

After dinner we had a lot of Face Time sessions: Oma, Pop, and Gordie . . . Grandma Ri . . . Aunt Carla, Sadie, and Andy. Then we started off the Super Bowl with Lucy rolling around the couch yelling, "Go Tommy!" 

Post bath and bedtime, I indulged in some Ben and Jerry's ice cream that the Heinbuchs brought for me. All said and done, it was a great birthday weekend! 

We have another busy week ahead. Oh, and Matty just asked me how it feels be be 35 and reminded me that I'm halfway to 70. So I guess I'll leave you with that!

Have a great week!


  1. That's a super cute pregnancy picture! Glad you glad you had a good birthday.