Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life Lately

It's Thursday again, which means it's time for a little life lately around here.

Monday morning I was working on a crockpot dinner while Lucy ate breakfast in her tower of power. She wanted to help, so I cut up the carrots and passed them to her and she put them in the bowl. That night at dinner, she ate a ton of cooked carrots, which she has NEVER eaten before. Perhaps she needs to pull her own weight in the kitchen more often in order to be interested in food. 

A Valentine's Day card arrived in the mail from Aunt Donna and Uncle Jim. It had a pug doggie with lipstick on, and Lucy thought it was hilarious. Also, when the $5 bill fell out, Lucy picked it up and said, "Piggy money" and wanted to put it in her bank. She obviously doesn't take after me because I would have said, "Amazon money" or "nail polish money" or "ice cream money!"

As stylish as ever at Sing and Play on Valentine's Day. 

Miss Karen put out hats for the kiddos to play with. Lu immediately took a liking to this one . . . must have been the Sam Adams beer ribbon going around it! 

A little Valentine's Day treat for our sweet little love. 

A few weeks ago, Lucy randomly started talking about an Elmo stuffy. She doesn't have one, so I thought it was weird that she all of a sudden brought it up . . . over and over again. So we ordered her one for Valentine's Day, and she loved it!

This melted my heart. 

Matty bought her a card that had a zoo landscape on it and animal stickers. 

Glad to see these three crazies enjoyed their treats I dropped off for them!

The easiest way to get a bunch of stuffies from Point A (her room) to Point B (our room). 

"Close door. Stuffies nap, mamu." 

Lucy has a musical aquarium/sound machine toy attached to her crib. Wednesday night it must have run out of batteries because when I went in to get her from her crib Thursday morning the red light was on and Lucy kept pushing the button and saying, "On, please." When I explained that it needed new batteries and that we had to buy some it's all she talked about all morning. So when we finally made it to Target, I took a chance and told her that we could only get the batteries if she sat like a big girl in the cart and ate her snack . . . and it worked! She never asked to get out, she held on to the batteries the whole time, and I was able to grab a few other random things I needed. #momwin 

I brought Lucy into the house after our trip to Target and told her to play nicely while I unloaded stuff from the back of the car. I came back in from the garage to find her like this. 

And yesterday was a first for me . . . I got to hold my first set of twins! My friend Leslie had twin boys last Thursday, so I stopped by to meet them and love on them yesterday. #doublebabies
Vaughn and Benjamin are tiny and perfect! Not only was it a little strange to hold two babies, but it was also strange to think I'm going to have another tiny baby to love on soon! 

Aren't they the cutest?!

Have you seen the weekend weather forecast?? And all the mamas in the area rejoiced, am I right?! Get those kiddos outside and let them RUN! 

I can't wait to take advantage of the nice weather with Lucy this weekend. I see a walk through the park in our future! Saturday evening we plan on taking her to stay at my mom and dad's so we can go out to dinner with friends, and then Sunday we have BIG plans to put together a new cabinet for our hallway, Emily's dresser, and her crib. We need to take advantage of our toddler-free time while we can. 

Have a great weekend!


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