Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life Lately: The Birthday Celebration Continues!

It's been a pretty low key week here at the Kissel house. And apparently low key weeks go by very slooooowly for me. Is it Friday yet??

We seem to be re-entering the anti-diaper change and anti-carseat phase that ended a few months ago. Monday morning started off with me having to pretend to change Minnie's diaper first and make a big deal over how good she was while I was changing her in order to get Lucy to allow me to change her diaper. Yes, I know I'm in charge and that I shouldn't have to bribe her, but that girl can kick and squirm like no other and my pregnant tummy is not in the mood for target practice! As challenging as the diaper change was, it was also super sweet to see Lu read to Minnie afterward. 

We made our first trip to the mall in a long time. We went right when it opened, and it wasn't busy at all. Lucy did a great job playing in the play area, walking next to me, and sometimes allowing me to browse in a store. 

Of course, she got to look at the sunglasses for as long as she wanted. ;)

Zoned out Lucy. She was a little fussy when she woke up on Wednesday morning and only wanted to watch her Wheels on the Bus video. 

Yep, I'm that mom now! My sign finally arrived from Etsy and looks waaay better than the handwritten sign I had taped to the door. I bought the chevron ribbon and had my mom make the bow. Don't judge me . . . the UPS man (who we all know frequents our front porch quite often) comes between 1:00 and 3:00 and always rings the bell and makes the dogs go nuts . . . right in the middle of nap time! The handwritten sign has been working really well since Christmas so I decided to splurge and class it up a bit. 

"I snug Sydnaaaay."

Carla and Gordie came over Wednesday morning to celebrate my birthday. Lucy and Gordie had a great time playing in our ball basket . . . 

 . . . eating the delicious lemon bundt cake and fruit salad that Carla brought . . . 

 . . . and watching a Minnie Mouse Bowtique video on my phone (Lucy needed a diaper change so I bribed her).

Here I am finally trying on the purse that Carla gave me for my birthday. It was opened by the kiddos and played with for a few minutes before I finally got to see it!

Some days I make myself a salad, smoothie, or black bean burger wrap for lunch . . . and some days I eat like a toddler!

Lucy has found a new activity to keep her busy. 

This one made me laugh out loud. I thought she was just looking out the window for a school bus, but I found these all lined up! Side Note: Please ignore the scratched up moulding, windowsill, and dirty wall. Sydney spends a good portion of her day leaning up against this wall gazing out the window and then barks like crazy when anyone walks by, and her paws have scratched off the paint. There's really no sense in trying to fix the area until she retires to the big dingo farm in the sky. #soonerratherthanlater #jk #maybe

A selfie with my sweet girl. Who then lost her sweetness when she cried and threw things out of her crib for over an hour instead of napping. 

She knows she's not supposed to be in the dog beds, but climbed in three times throughout the afternoon, laughed, and shouted "game!" This is what happens when Lucy doesn't nap. She goes around the house doing everything she knows she's not supposed to!

And that's our week so far. Today we are trying out a gymnastics place for the first time that has open gym for toddlers. I hope Lucy loves it! We have no big plans for the weekend, so we are going to plan to do something special with Lucy while it's just the three of us. We're considering the Aquarium at Great Lakes Crossing and then lunch at the Rainforest Cafe or maybe just going to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. I'm going to will myself to choose the adventure that Lucy will like the most . . . not the one that is easiest for me!

Have a great weekend!


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