Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Little Bit of Everything

Since I skipped last week's life lately due to my lack of sleep, I have a lot to catch up on. I'm happy to report, though, that the past two nights I've gotten five consecutive hours of sleep, and it's been wonderful!

Speaking of sleep, this little lady has been going through an extremely sleepy phase. She's sleeping 12-13 hours at night and then taking 2-3 hour long naps during the day. #notcomplaining
I took this adorable pic at 9am last Tuesday. We needed to leave for Sing and Play by 9:50, and Lucy was still sleeping! 

Walking into Sing and Play trying her best to carry in the bag of food we were donating for their food drive. 

I took this picture at the grocery after Sing and Play. I wanted to show Matty her little red nose. Lucy was sitting down during class and somehow managed to face plant into the carpet. 

Last Tuesday was Matty's birthday, and Lucy enjoyed giving Dadu his gifts after work. 

A new coffee mug from Big Bear Lodge . . .

 . . . and some new books for Matty to read to her at bedtime. 

For his birthday dinner, I told Matty he could choose anywhere he wanted. And he chose . . . 

Yep. Taco Bell. He loves it but never eats it, so he decided to splurge for his birthday. We really went fancy and dined in! Like her mama, Lucy felt the need to wipe off the table before eating. As you can see, Monkey joined us as well. 

The super happy birthday boy!

We're working on Emily's nursery, and Lucy enjoys playing in her little sister's crib. 

On this particular day, Lucy had been napping for three hours!

It was almost dinner time, so I went in to wake her up, but she needed about 20 minutes of more snuggling. 

Nothing beats getting to make lunch in peace!

Lucy got an Elmo stuffy for Valentine's Day. It's super cute, and she loves to sleep with it. Unfortunately, it does not come across as cute and cuddly on the night vision on her monitor! #socreepy

The weather was amazing last week, and we were outside pretty much every day!

Please ignore my giant feet in the picture . . . I'm wearing Matty's shoes. It was super mild on Wednesday evening so we let Lucy stay up a little later, and we sat out on the driveway to watch the cars go by. 


On Friday, Lucy and I went to visit my friend Bridget and her kiddos Grace and Jack. Grace is three, and she and Lucy had a great time playing together. 

Playing chase was their favorite!

I was trying to distract her from seeing this pink hardhat at Lowe's, but she saw it from a mile away!

After waking up from a 2.5 hour nap on Sunday, Lucy still needed a little time to snuggle and relax. I was happy to oblige. 

Matty said OJ pulled up in front of our house Sunday afternoon . . . to deliver our Amazon order. haha

Funny faces during lunch. 

Matty took Lucy outside to play on Sunday afternoon, but all she did was stand at the door and cry for me. Eventually, I gave in and went outside. I couldn't get her to play; all she wanted to do was snuggle. 

We made cookies after dinner on Sunday. My little helper sampled the dough and found it very satisfactory. Don't worry, I used pasteurized eggs. 

And as I sit here blogging, Matty took this picture and said I should add it. Snort must be having a good dream. 

We had a super productive weekend as far as baby prep goes. Emily's nursery is coming along nicely, and it looks adorable! We really just have the shelves left to install in her closet and maybe a shelf or two on one of her walls. Once everything's finished I'll be sure to blog all about it.

I have a dentist appointment this week . . . gotta get those pesky things out of the way before Emily arrives. I can't help but remember that I made a dentist appointment three weeks before Lucy's due date, and she arrived the next day. How crazy would it be if that happened this time too?! 

Have a great week!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Twinkle, Twinkle . . . A Baby Sprinkle!

On Wednesday, my mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephew took me out to lunch and brought some cupcakes and presents for Emily. 

This little lady would not look at me to show off her adorable ladybug outfit. 

She also wouldn't sit in her high chair at lunch. She preferred to alternate between sitting on my lap and standing on it. But she ate every last bit of lunch I brought for her so I was happy. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Antonio's, which is actually where we had Lucy's baby shower. Heaven forbid Lu actually eat some pasta, so I packed a lunch for her. 

Gordie alternated between his chair and Oma's lap. A big thanks to Carla who brought little goodie bags filled with treats to keep the kiddos occupied. It sort of worked! ;)

Beautiful pink flowers for the pregnant mama!

Someone enjoyed her cupcake and devoured the entire thing. And Lucy enjoyed hers as well!

Gordie dived right in!

And then helped me with a little housework.

I do enjoy opening gifts!

Carla bought some adorable onesies, pants, socks, and headbands and made them look like cupcakes!

Grandma Ri included this little bunny with Emily's gifts, but Lucy just thought it was the greatest thing ever, and I'm fairly certain it's now her bunny. #donttellemily

Oma loves Lucy's two bunnies as well!

And then, randomly, Matty walked through the door after work with a beautiful bouquet of tulips and some other kind of purple flower. I believe he said something about me having his baby and it was time he brought me some flowers. I don't really remember his exact reason, I was just too excited! I didn't have a vase big enough to hold everything, so I have a bouquet on the dining room table and a bouquet in the family room. Happy flowers wherever I go!

Thanks to some of the gifts I got at the sprinkle, the nursery is coming along nicely. I hope that Emily likes pink! I think that after this weekend we will really be in good shape. My C-section is scheduled for five weeks from today. However, if Emily chose to come early on her own I would NOT be disappointed. In fact, it might put her in the running for favorite child. ;)


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Calling in Tired

I'm not taking a sick day, I'm taking a tired day. We've had a really busy week with lots of pictures to share, but I just can't do it tonight. 

My pregnancy insomnia has been out of control the past two weeks. I'm averaging about three hours of sleep a night. The rest of the time I just lay in bed reading, tossing and turning, and watching Matty sleep soundly ;) 

However, Matty has been rocking Lucy duty post dinnertime this week. They've spent a lot of time outside which gives me time to straighten up and rest a little. 

Hopefully I'll get around to doing a few blog posts this weekend because we are having a fun week.