Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekend Recap

Gosh these weekends go by too quickly! We had a fairly low key weekend, yet still kept busy and crossed a few things off of our to-do list around the house.

On Thursday I came into the family room and found Sydney quietly laying like this . . . 

  . . . and then two seconds after I snapped the picture, Lucy joined in on the fun. She was so sweet to cover up Sydney for nap time. And to create a load of laundry for mama to do during nap as well!

Thought I'd share this picture that we bought at Home Goods. It's my inspiration for Emily's nursery, and I LOVE it. 

And speaking of things I love at Home Goods, I saw this picture when Lucy and I were there on Friday. I think it's the cutest thing ever. Educational and adorable all at the same time. I keep thinking about it, so I might just buy it and then figure out a place to hang it for Lucy. Because that's ALWAYS an effective way to decorate. 

Lucy is going to be the best big sister!

We made cookies Friday afternoon. I knew they were just for us to have here at the house, so I really let Lucy get in there and help. Of course, she took it upon herself to sample the dough. Can you blame her? And, in case you didn't know, pants are always optional when baking in the Kissel Kitchen. 

Matty was at the Auto Show for the Industry Preview Days this week. He was super pumped to bring home the Yeti tumbler that is second from the left that he got for free. I think it's safe to say that his collection of beverage receptacles is now complete!

Friday night at Chipotle. Matty and I splitting a burrito bowl, and Lucy nibbling on her pb&j. Do we know how to live it up or what? Also, we rented The Accountant after dinner and I managed to stay awake and watch the entire 2 hour movie . . . so you know it was a good one because that NEVER happens!

We were playing with my bracelets in the closet on Saturday, and I pulled out my camera and told Lucy to smile. We'll work on it. 

Lucy has had five great days of sleeping, but Saturday night/Sunday morning she woke up screaming at 2am. I rocked her for a bit and then put her in her crib and she started crying again. Per the doctor's recommendation, I decided to let her cry it out for a bit. I sat out in the family room and was scrolling through my FB feed while I waited for her to lay back down and go to sleep. Coincidentally, someone had posted an article about the mysteries of sleep regressions so I clicked on it to read. It was written by some lady who is a therapist and has three children. She wrote all about how she prefers to call them sleep PROGRESSIONS because when children's sleep becomes disrupted it usually means they are learning something and their brains are growing. She went on to say how much she used to enjoy that special time with her kiddos in the middle of the night and viewed it as such a positive experience because they were learning something new and parents should embrace it. I don't know about you, but the only thing I'm positive about is that I would want to smack that lady if she said that to me in real life! But maybe that's just the sleep-deprived mama in me talking. To each his own, I guess. #yousaypotato #isaygotosleep

Sunday morning I met my mama friends at Einstein Bros for bagels and to sprinkle Leslie with some gifts for her upcoming twin boys . . . and managed to take zero pictures! I must have been distracted by the good conversation and leisurely breakfast. Not one of those mamas offered me a bite of their already been chewed food, asked for a high five, or tried to stick their bagels between their toes. It was a glorious 90 minutes!

When I got home from breakfast, Matty and Lucy were happily playing. He had fed her breakfast and changed what, according to him, had to have been one of the biggest poops she's ever taken. I once had to cut Lucy out of an outfit because it was filled with so much poop that I couldn't get it over her head. So I'm PRETTY certain I still win the "worst poop ever" competition. Which, really, is the worst competition to win! #winningislosing

We were supposed to go to Gordie's 3rd birthday party on Sunday, but the poor little guy was sick and they had to cancel. Instead we took advantage of the sunny, not unbearably cold day and took a walk to the park before lunch. 

Lucy was crying to get out of her stroller before we even made it to the park . . . and it's next door to our house! We let her toddle around for a bit, and she kept walking over to the water park and saying, "on, please, on, please." It was so sweet, and she just didn't understand why the water wouldn't go on!

Trying to climb the ladder. She couldn't get her leg back over because her boot was stuck. 

This is a screenshot of a video that was on my Instagram feed. The dog just sits there smiling for like 20 seconds until the bug flies away, and Lucy is OBSESSED. She probably watched it ten times in a row. 

We've started making smoothies with pineapple, banana, and spinach. They are delicious! We offer some to Lucy and call it "green milk," and she loves it! #sneakyparents Matty made one on Sunday, and once Lucy's straw wouldn't suck up any more, I took the lid off and let her drink it like a regular cup. 

Good to the last nutritious drop!

Matty made us soup for dinner on Sunday, but it was going a little slower than Lucy wanted and she just couldn't wait to eat. She stood in her tower and ate some mac and cheese and a banana while Matty made our dinner. 

As of this past Friday, I'm officially 28 weeks pregnant. Lucy arrived at 37 weeks on the nose . . . that's only 9 weeks away! Even though our C-Section isn't until March 31, I really want to try to have everything set, packed, and ready to go by the beginning of March. Just in case. 

We are gearing up for a pretty standard week around here. Play dates, story time, and doctors appointments. 

Have a great week!


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