Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Molly's Must Haves

So I've gotten a few new things recently that I love so much I don't know how I lived without them for so long. This post is dedicated to one of my favorite Christmas presents . . . a dust buster!

Lucy is more mobile than ever and doesn't always do the greatest job of keeping crumbs on the table. I sometimes even get a little crazy and let her sit on the couch and eat some crackers while I try to get dinner ready. Needless to say, I find myself constantly having to go into the play room closet, pull out our big vacuum, plug it in, and then put it away . . . and I was tired of it! So I did A LOT of research and decided to ask for this dust buster for Christmas. 

After watching YouTube videos and reading tons of reviews of different vacuums on Amazon, I decided on the Black and Decker vacuum for a few reasons: 

1. The price seemed reasonable
2. It got 4.5 out of 5 stars, and had over 9,000 reviews on Amazon!
3. It also has a little brush attachment on the end for getting dog hair off the couches. 

Here's a happy selfie of me and my dust buster! You'll notice that it's filled with oats from Lucy's latest "cooking" extravaganza. She dumped an entire bowl of oats on the floor the other day. No big deal, I'll just grab my handy dandy dust buster!

The only negative reviews that I noticed were that people didn't like the fact that it has to go on the charger standing up. It really doesn't bother me, and I just keep it plugged in behind our end table in the family room. It's out of sight, but still handy to grab quickly and often. 

I've talked this dust buster up to a lot of people, and every time I pull it out I wish I had gotten it months ago. Several people have asked about battery life, and I really can't comment on that. It was never my intention to use this for extended cleaning. I simply grab it for quick clean ups when Lucy's snacks or meals get a little crumby. I've used it for quick touch ups on the couch, and it's worked great, but if there's anything major going on I'll still bring out my big vacuum. 

So there you go . . . my first must have of 2017. I don't really see how any other household appliance can top it. I'll stop rambling on about it now and leave you with this . . . 



  1. I might have to get this for Ryan he loves a vacuum!

    1. Lisa, when I saw you pull out your little broom and dustpan after snack time yesterday I thought about telling you all about this vacuum! Then one of the 8 babies distracted me and I forgot.

  2. I love your Michael Bolton meme at the end! Thanks for throwing that in. Also, thank you for the in-depth review of the Black and Decker vacuum. We are in the market for a new, easy-to-use vacuum but I was not sure which one to get. This has definitely helped my decision!