Thursday, January 12, 2017

Life Lately

I'm back! After two (hopefully three by the time this posts) nights of good sleeping, I feel a little more like myself and ready to get back to blogging. This past Sunday night was my breaking point as far as Lucy's sleep regression. Monday morning I called to talk to the doctor. We went in for a check up, some advice, a pep talk, and a prescription for tough love. It worked well, and I'm happy to report that we seem to be back on track in the sleeping department. #knockonwood

It hasn't been all bad these past 3 weeks. Lucy is usually pretty happy still during the day, so we have a lot of pictures to share. I chose a somewhat modest amount to post today. 

This was one of our last mornings of vacation. It's also a rare pic of a dingo in the nursery. I usually just don't let it happen. We need one dog hair free zone in our house!

Matty and Lucy getting ready to play outside. 

Lu could not get enough of this bear chair at Buy Buy Baby. 

Her adorable little happy face in the morning.

Lucy spotted this train (her words, not mine) when we were at Laurel Park last week. There were about five other vehicles around it. I thought I'd be nice and let her ride one. Do you know that it costs $1 to ride on one of them? I assumed it'd be like a quarter! She kept hopping from one to the other, and I was not about to spend $6 on car rides, so I didn't even mention to her that they actually moved. #momwin

Lucy giving Sydney her "medicine."

And some snugs. 

When did she turn 5??

Our first play date at Catherine's new house . . . and probably our last for awhile since her mom is expecting twin boys very soon! Lucy enjoyed the big windows. 

Sweet Greta didn't seem to mind that Lucy stole the stroller from her. 

Lucy and Colt enjoyed the Wheels on the Bus magnets. 

This picture cracked me up. Lucy had set Nonnie right in front of Sydney's bed, and they were having a stare down. My money's on Nonnie. 

Don't ask me what time this was. It was sometime late into the Lions' night game. 

And this was even later. #crazybaby #wontsleep

And then she fell asleep standing up in her crib. I'm SO happy that her sleep patterns seem to be getting back to normal. 

Ready for story time at the library on Monday with her bunny and her sunnies. 

Drinking her Chicken Lemon Rice soup like a champ!

Lucy could stand and watch the fish at the doctor's office for days. 

There were several inches of snow on the ground Tuesday morning. I didn't feel like bundling up to go outside, so we brought some snow inside to play with. Minnie was thrilled. 

Lucy is getting a little too crazy on the love seat lately. But the good news is that she's nailed her gymnast landing! 

She found a ruler in my drawer the other day, which seemed like a bad idea, so I traded it out for my flexible measuring tape. It's safe to say she measured every single one of her stuffies!

Breakfast time with Daddy. 

And showing me what she has in her mouth. She's nothing if not ladylike. 

We had lunch at Panera over the weekend. No high chair for Lucy, but she did really well kneeling next to me in the booth. 

She had a late night and no nap, so she was doing a lot of snuggling. When she wasn't cuddled up to me, she was standing and pointing at the man in the booth behind us saying, "guy, guy, guy." He eventually looked over and waved and that was all she needed to pop down and leave the poor guy alone!

The spring collection of sunglasses is out at Carter's. Lucy is now the proud owner of these pineapple glasses. 

We bought Sadie a make your own pillow kit for Christmas. My brother sent me this pic of her with the finished product. So cute!

And finally, this is what it looks like when someone dives face first into an Uncrustable. She's gonna be smelling peanut butter for days!

And that's about it! As I may have already mentioned a time or two, I'm so thankful that things seem to be getting back to normal around here. We have some play dates lined up, Sing and Play starts up next week, and we have just a little over two months to get ready for Emily's arrival. No time for winter blues for us, we are going to be BUSY!

Have a great weekend! 


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