Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just for Laughs

Those little ecards and memes that pop on on Facebook or Instagram crack me up. Sometimes I'll screenshot them to send to Matty or some of my friends. I noticed that I had a lot of them floating around on my desktop. I went to delete them, but as I was rereading them I found myself giggling so I thought I'd share them before putting them in the old trash bin.

Although I'm happy to report Lucy had a great night last night, this one really hit home for us lately!

And cookies!

Seriously! I love me some coney island Chicken Lemon Rice soup for lunch, but none of them have drive thrus! Panera has really upped their game and started delivering. I recently got an email offering me $5 off my order to try out their delivery service. Yes, please!

So cute!

This one was from Christmas!
I don't like to make lists on my phone. I like to hand write them so I get the satisfaction of crossing things off and throwing the list away. This often backfires when the list is at home and I'm at Target!

I'm fairly certain Matty would agree with this one.


Double amen! Twice the errands in half the time!

This one was from a while ago, but still made me giggle. 

And call the doctors office, and FaceTime Aunt Carla, and take 87 selfies . . . 

I'm fairly certain even Matty smirked at this one when I showed it to him. Oh Ryan . . . 

Lucy ate 15 pieces of tortellini at dinner the other night, and wouldn't touch it a few days later!

Molly on the left, Matty on the right!

Have a great day!


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