Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Year in Review

I started this post three nights ago with the intention of having it published for yesterday morning. Unfortunately, we are in the throes of the worst sleep regression Lucy has ever had, and I haven't had much time for blogging in the evenings . . . or sleeping. I thought for sure I'd finish it Friday night after Lu FINALLY fell asleep . . . but I'm not really in the mood for blogging at 3:30am. #notkidding #nosleep #newbornsareeasier

So here we go, a little highlight reel of all our crazy adventures from 2016!


January started off with perhaps the greatest smile Lucy has ever given us. She will hate us for this picture some day!

Lu also started sitting like a big girl in the grocery cart and charming the pants off of everyone at the store!

Her first pony tail!


We celebrated my birthday. 

We had ourselves the cutest little Valentine!

We celebrated Matty's birthday with dessert at the Dairy Queen. 

And attempted to get a good picture to send to Aunt Sarah for her birthday. 

We ended the month with Lucy attending her first wedding!


Three of Lucy's friends turned one so the babies all got dressed up to celebrate!

We wore our green on St. Patrick's Day. 

And celebrated Lucy's first Easter. 


Lucy started swim class. 

And our nephew, Andy, made his First Communion. 


First time wearing pigtails!

My first Mother's Day!

And most importantly, Lucy's First Birthday!!


We spent some time at the pool. 

Took Lu on her first picnic at Kensington Metro Park.

Lucy met the biggest dog she's ever seen!

And Matty and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary!!


 We spent lots of time at the lake . . .

 . . . and on the boat!

We hit up a few street fairs. 

Took our first family trip to the Detroit Zoo. 

And most importantly . . . got the surprise of our life with a positive pregnancy test!


We took Lucy to Domino's Farms. 

Lucy got to see the first ultrasound picture of her little sister!


Lucy hosted a luncheon for Grandparent's Day. 

Matty got his new lawnmower!

We spent Labor Day relaxing at the cottage. 

And made our big announcement!


We kept on enjoying the great weather. 

Attended Matty's work picnic at Wiard's Orchard. 

Lucy wore super cute Halloween outfits. 

Matty and I spent four blissful days in California! 

And we got back home just in time to have the happiest owl ever on Halloween. 


Lucy hosted a birthday gathering for Oma. 

We got an early start on our Christmas pictures. 

Found out we were having a GIRL!!

And had a great Thanksgiving. 


Matty made Lucy a tower so she could help out at the counter. 

With my mom and Lucy's help, I made 400 cookies for a cookie order. 

We made Christmas crafts. 

Lucy had a great time visiting Santa at Three Cedars Farm. 

We had fun at Fantasyland. 

Matty and Lucy enjoyed our first snowfall. 

And we soaked up all the Christmas fun and excitement!

Whew, what a year! 

2016 was pretty darn good to us, and 2017 is shaping up to be just as exciting! 

Happy New Year! 

For those of you who voluntarily made it to midnight . . . good for you.
For those of you whose babies made you involuntarily make it to midnight . . . I feel your pain.
And for those of you who went to bed before midnight . . . I'm with ya! Here's to waking up rested and ready to tackle the new year! (That means YOU, Lucy!)



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