Sunday, January 29, 2017

Life Lately/Weekend Recap

A combo post since there was no post on Thursday. In case you didn't notice, which you probably didn't. Believe me, you don't want the nitty gritty details of our life lately or our weekend. At about 3:00 on Wednesday afternoon I noticed my stomach felt a little funny. At 4:00 I realized I needed some help so I called Matty and he came home from work. By 4:30 he was on the phone with my mom to have her come out and help with Lucy. The stomach flu hit me hard and fast and it was awful. 

I think my last of eight "episodes" was at midnight, and I was feeling pretty terrible, so Matty stayed home with me on Thursday. My mom came back over bright and early to help with Lucy, but we quickly realized Lu was not going to stand for mama just laying around on the couch or in bed, so my mom packed her up and took her home for two and a half days. Why so long? Because when Matty went back to work on Friday morning, he was home by 9am with the same problems I had! Thank goodness someone else had Lucy, because we literally did not get out of bed all day. 

By Saturday I was feeling a little bit better so Lucy came home and my MIL came over in the afternoon Saturday and Sunday to help out. It's now Sunday evening, and we both agree that we are feeling better as far as the flu symptoms go, but we are TIRED. . . and never thought we'd be happy to see a weekend end!

Here's a few pics from the past week or so. 

Can you spot Lucy huddled in the corner of the couch watching Sesame Street?

Nonnie . . . he's everywhere!

Love this happy face in the morning!

Lucy and her friend Ella raiding the toy shaker bin after our weekly Sing and Play class. #polkadots

This little lady loves her "green milk" but has developed quite a fear of the blender. 

Matty made Lu a pretty cool fort in her room last Tuesday. They played with flashlights and watched videos of firetrucks. 

How Lucy and Oma read books. 

I think this was a successful play time!

There was no way she was going to let me break down this box before she got some zooms. 

And then disaster struck, and I realized I was going to be sick, so I put Lucy in the playroom since it's gated and I wouldn't have to worry about her wandering around the house. I took this pic of her in between episodes when I went to check on her quick. I was so proud of her for occupying herself. However, I think by the time Matty got home 20 minutes later she was crying at the gate to get out. As if I didn't feel badly enough already!

I think Matty enjoyed his quiet day on Thursday . . . taking care of me, relaxing, and not having Lucy around. Too bad he got sick on Friday. 

My friend Lisa left these treats on our doorstep Thursday morning. So thoughtful! And then she came through big time on Friday night when we were out of Gatorade. I hadn't had any all day (or eaten anything) and realized I was feeling worse and worse, but neither of us was in any shape to leave the house or drive. So Lisa came to our rescue and left 4 bottles of Gatorade (and a container of Lysol wipes!) on our doorstep. That's what friends are for!

And that's all the pictures I have. Because when you are sick, you don't like to document things. 

I'm hoping to get back to normal this week and get out of the house with Lucy. We are both tired of being cooped up!

And I'll leave you with this. Saw this on FB the other day. There needs to be more posts like this and less political stuff. #whatpuppies

You're welcome.

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a very productive weekend here at the Kissel house. Slowly but surely, things are getting crossed off our "to do" list for Emily's arrival.

On Thursday my mom and I went to Babies R Us to order Emily's crib. Even though I told myself to pack my patience, it was not very easy to concentrate with Lucy running around. She really enjoyed the toddler beds, and hunkered down in this Minnie bed. Gross and dirty? Probably, but also very cute. And a little preview of what's to come before too long, I suppose. 

After crib shopping, Lucy wanted to "cook" with some oats while we figured out our lunch plan. She was getting a little crazy and hit her elbow on the counter. This is her "I can't decide if I want to cry or not" face. In the end, she cried. 

All of her woes were made better with some tomato soup and bread from Panera. This girl LOVES tomato soup. 

One of my resolutions this year was "don't worry about it." This is a prime example of me exercising that resolution. Lucy did not want to wear a bib and was making a giant mess, but she was eating and having a great time. So I didn't worry about it. I tried everything I could but, in the end, we just couldn't save the white onesie. 

After an outfit change, Oma and Lucy "baked" some mini cupcakes for dessert while I tackled the tomato soup mess. 

And then Friday morning it seemed as though Lucy's toes were more interested in her waffle than her mouth was. She is slightly lacking in the table manners department. 

After breakfast, Lucy and Greta had a play date at Funtastic. It was a rainy day so it was pretty busy, but they managed to have a good time for an hour or so. 

And they shared a delicious snack of Ranch Veggie Straws. 

Friday evening I went with my mother-in-law to test out recliners for Emily's nursery. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it!

Saturday morning we took Lucy to the Novi Dog Show. We'd been looking forward to it for a few weeks now because Lucy is crazy about dogs. They gave her a cute little hand stamp at the ticket area. 

This girl was in her glory. She has no fear around dogs, which is probably not a good thing, but we made sure to ask each owner before allowing Lucy to pet . . . or kiss . . . or hug their dogs. 

We stopped to watch some pretty impressive dogs jumping into the water. One dog jumped almost thirty feet out!

At the pool area and at every show area set up, Lucy kept saying "In, in" and didn't understand why she couldn't go in and play. To be fair, a lot of them were filled with giant balls, tunnels, and bridges . . . very similar to a lot of the indoor play areas we visit!

This is Callie the Otterhound, who was by far Lucy's favorite dog of the day. 

We walked into a giant group of Great Danes that were all taller than Lucy . . but she didn't care!

We went with another couple and their daughter, Sarah. Neither of the little girls was feeling this picture. 

After taking a fantastic two hour nap, Lu was ready to go outside and enjoy the weirdly warm January weather. 

Having people chase her around the shed is Lucy's favorite!

We had a quick spur-of-the-moment date night on Saturday. I had been having a hard time deciding between two rocking chairs and wanted Matty's opinion. Matt's mom and friend came over around 5:30ish to hang out with Lucy so we could go check out both chairs and make our decision. We wanted to be back for bedtime, so in 90 minutes we went to La Z Boy, Babies R Us, had dinner at Pancheros, and picked up chocolate malts at Potbelly on the way home! We laughed at how much we enjoyed that random 90 minutes!

Here's my sexy Saturday night date. Matty was in his glory in this chair at La Z Boy. Unfortunately, $1600 is a little out of our price range! #awesomechair #evenbetteroutfit

Lucy spent a good part of Sunday morning at the top of our stairs watching Matty install a new sump pump. 

Her nap was a little shorter than usual, so she felt the need to bring out a pillow and "snug" by the window later in the afternoon. 

And that's about it. Later in the evening we rearranged a few things in Lucy's room, hung up a new picture on her wall, and figured out what Matty has to do to anchor her dresser to the wall. 

All in all, a fun and productive weekend. Let's hope I can say the same for the upcoming week!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty normal around here . . . and apparently our new "normal" is wrangling a non-napping tantrum throwing little toddler. But there are still lots of sweet moments too, and those are the ones I caught this week. Because does anyone really want me to whip out my camera when Lucy is throwing herself on the floor crying? Probably not. 

Lucy is OBSESSED with sunglasses and wears them all the time. I currently have three pairs for her so I can keep them stashed in my purse, diaper bag, and the house. That way I'm never caught with a pair of glasses for her! I know she looks super cute in this picture, but I can't help but think that she looks like a baby eating breakfast with a hangover!

A girl and her dingo . . . 

So on Monday afternoon, Lucy spent 90 minutes (yes, you read that correctly) going through a progression of jibber jabbering, whining, crying, and screaming instead of napping. There's really only so much this frustrated mama can take, so I eventually went in there and rocked her for a bit. I FINALLY got her to sleep and was so happy. 

And then about four minutes later I looked down at her and saw this. Sigh. 

And to top it all off, I tried a new recipe for crockpot chicken and dumplings on Monday. I was super excited about it, but it was basically inedible. After we put Lucy to bed, Matty and I got some sushi for dinner, so I guess it was a happy ending. 

We are slightly obsessed with our "green milk" smoothies. I'm going to need to start buying spinach and pineapple in bulk. 

So for nap time on Tuesday, Lucy cried for about 30 minutes, fell asleep for 20 minutes, and then woke up crying again. I went in to, hopefully, rock her back to sleep. Despite how it looks in this picture, she was not sleeping. She was "woofing" nonstop. 

Lucy had her friend Amelia come over to play on Wednesday morning. When I told Lucy that Amelia was on her way over, she said, "Ok, I wait" and took Nonnie over to the door and waited the few minutes until Amelia arrived. It was super cute. 


Yesterday was Gordie's actual birthday, so Lucy and I went down in the afternoon to help him celebrate turning 3. He got a new tent, and they both enjoyed playing in it. 

And Lucy ended the night with more Sydney snuggles. I cannot explain how much she loves this dog. When she says her name it sounds more like "Sydnaaaaay," and it's adorable. 

And that's our life lately. Today we are going with my mom to order a crib and dresser for Emily's room. And we have big plans this weekend to go with some of Matty's coworkers and their kiddos to a dog show, which I know Lucy will LOVE!

Have a great weekend!