Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pictures from the Weekend . . . and Beyond!

Hi, Friends!

I didn't do a Life Lately post last week, so I have a little more to talk about than just our weekend . . . which was very busy, btw. We took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather and crossed a lot of things off our lists. Some things were fun, some were productive, but they all added up to a tired set of parents on Sunday night!

Backing up a bit, Emmy Roses was my errand buddy one evening last week, and I really enjoyed being out and able to focus on just my littlest love.

Meanwhile, Lucy was running around the backyard like a crazy woman and having a blast!

Emmy and I got home, and Matty snapped this somewhat cute pic. 

Last Tuesday was picture day at Lucy's school, and her hair bows brought their A game! I'm pretty excited to get her pictures back!

This playhouse behind me is over 30 years old. It was mine when I was little, and my parents kept it all these years and used it at their house for the grandkiddos. They gave it to us to use for Lucy, and it lasted only two summers before we decided it wasn't for us. It's basically a spider hotel, and I didn't like it! It went out for the trash last week, and we snapped a picture for my parents. 

Matty and Lucy dragged it out to the curb, and within a few hours someone was out there dismantling it and loading it up. 

We met Matty for dinner after work one night last week, and I put Emily in a high chair for the first time out in public. She did a great job and ate like a champ!

And Lucy did a great job shoveling Chicken Lemon Rice soup into her mouth.

I have ZERO pictures from Friday, and do you know why? Because I took a personal day! haha A big thank you to my mom and Rita who came over and watched the girls so I could go shopping all day long and not worry about a thing. It was glorious!

We went back to Three Cedars Farm on Saturday with the goal of riding the train again and getting a pumpkin. 

The train was our first stop, and here we are waiting in line. I'd been telling Lucy all morning that I wasn't going to ride the train this time around, and she seemed excited to go with Dadoozle (her newest pet name for Matty). 

However, when the time came to board, she was singing a different tune. Very loudly. As it turns out, the boy with them in the car was crying with his daddy as well. Kind of funny for those of us watching. #partyintheyellowcar

They arrived back in the same manner in which they left. #trainfail

Lucy pulled it together enough to show Matty how to milk the cow. 

Emily tried her hardest to get in on some of Lucy's Cheez-It action. 

I really wanted a cute picture of how tall Lu was . . . 

 . . . but sassy Lucy made an appearance instead. 

After playing a little longer, it was time to feed Emily before going to pick out a pumpkin. These next two pics show that things were going downhill a bit. 

Three Cedars is a pretty big place, and we basically had to park on the complete opposite side of the farm from the pumpkin patch. Matty and I were getting hungry for lunch, and we decided that it was going to be too much work to walk the rest of the way to the pumpkin patch and then lug both girls plus a pumpkin alllllll the way back to the car. We are not hardcore people. So we go Lucy a pumpkin from the grocery store, and she was happy as a clam painting it outside on Saturday afternoon. #farmfail 

Our happy little spectator. 

Emily and I went to the grocery Saturday afternoon, and I put her in the cart for the first time. It started out a little rough . . . 

 . . . but she did a pretty good job. Don't let this picture fool you; she was tipping over like crazy. Lucy was sitting up alone at 5.5 months, but Ems is still struggling. I figured this would be good practice for her. She was a hit!

She also had her first surfboard teething cracker this weekend and needed no instruction as to what to do with it!

When it's 6:30 on Sunday morning and Ems is wide awake . . . I opt to let Micky Mouse occupy her for a bit so I can empty the dishwasher and get ready for the day. 

Lucy woke up in the mood to organize on Sunday. 

It was another beautiful day, so we took our babies for a walk to the park. 

The rest of our Sunday was filled with chores that needed to be done around the house. By Sunday evening Matty and I had had enough and were ready for the girls to go to bed. And all Lucy wanted to do was walk around with this bucket on her head singing songs. Over. and over. and over. 

All in all, things have been going well around here lately. However, not a day goes by when Matty and I don't marvel at how much WORK it is to have kids. Every day it's a constant struggle to keep up with the laundry, the cleaning, the cooking, and the chores. . . oh yeah, and spending time with my girls, too! Every Saturday morning I accost Matty somewhere, planner in hand, to plan out our lunches and dinners for the week. And it's our least favorite time of the week! Why oh why do we have to eat three times a day?? That's so many meals to plan! And then some nights I finally sit down at like 9:00 and I think to myself I have to do this all over again in 9 hours! I wouldn't change it for anything, don't get me wrong, but I do like to be honest about it when I'm struggling. I've tried to be a little more efficient in my planning/meal prep this week, so we'll see if that helps. And brownies for sure help, and I just pulled some out of the oven for my SIL's birthday celebration we are doing with the little kiddos on Monday. So I'll go sneak a little bite and then head to bed to rest up for the week ahead. 

Have a great week! Stay dry, I hear the rain is coming.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Three Cedars Farm

My mama friends and I took the kiddos to Three Cedars Farm yesterday. It was an absolutely beautiful morning to go, and everyone must have had the same idea because it was crowded! Also, it was basically just the girls and I on our own because all the kiddos scattered in different directions so we mamas didn't even really get to socialize. What's the point then, right?! Jk . . we did it for the children.

Miss Roses was bundled up and ready for her first trip to the farm. I realized I didn't have a jacket for Em, so I crammed her into this North Face fleece of Lucy's that I loved. It's a 6-12 month jacket . . . over her 18 month outfit! ha!

Lucy enjoyed these little tractors, but had no interest in riding hers around the track. She just wanted to sit on it and spin the pedals. 

Lucy said the favorite part of her day was seeing the animals . . . especially the goats. 

They have a huge, fake cow set up in a barn for the kiddos to "milk." Lucy got quite a few drops of water out!

She would not stand next to the growth chart! I really wanted to see how tall she was. I could have bribed her with a donut, but I really wanted to save that to make her smile for a pic with Emily and me. #pickyourbattles #andyourphotos

Lucy played on this long wooden train for awhile. When I told her she was in the "Moose Caboose," she thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Relaxing on the cow bench. Check out part of the farm in the background. It was beautifully decorated for fall. 

Taking a donut break before we rode the train. We split a cinnamon sugar donut, and it was delicious!

I was pretty proud of myself for taking both girls on the train by myself. The other mamas didn't go, so I had to try my best to get a good picture. 

I finally asked a lady in the car in front of us to snap a quick pic. Lucy was so happy that we got the red car. 

How sweet is my Emily Roses?? Those teeth!

After the train ride, we snapped our family photo and then loaded up to head home for lunch, nap/rest time, and a haircut for me. yahoo!

What a great, fall morning! Both girls did so well. If I had another person with me, I would have attempted the hay ride and pumpkin patch . . . maybe next year. This farm is where we go to see Santa at Christmas. We'll be back there before we know it!

Oh, and just for fun . . . here's Lucy wearing the jacket at 5 months and Emmy at 6.5 months. It was so short on Ems that it barely covered her belly button!