Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Part 2: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were a whirlwind of craziness, fun, and wrapping paper!

I woke up bright and early on Christmas Eve morning. I turned on all the lights, put on White Christmas, and started grating all the cheeses for the lasagna. Apparently, though, I didn't wake up early enough because about fifteen minutes into my Christmas bliss Lucy woke up and, in no uncertain terms, told me that Daniel Tiger was a better TV choice than White Christmas. 

After breakfast, Matty and Lucy ran to Meijer to grab a few things we needed and Lucy gave Santa a ride on the penny pony. 

While Matty and Lucy were gone, I tried White Christmas again and Emmy watched too!

Grandma Ri, Sarah, Brian, Tommy, and Eleanor were due to arrive around 11:00, and Matty and Lucy enjoyed some time by the "fire" while we waited. 

And I enjoyed some snuggles with my sweet girl on her first Christmas!

Lucy showed off her princess/ballerina style as soon as everyone arrived . . . 

 . . . and Uncle Brian showed off his baby wearing style. 

I didn't take a picture of all the gifts because it was sinful! Grandma Ri went a little crazy with the gift purchasing (much appreciated, though!) so we had to let the kiddos get right to it and spread the gift opening out throughout the day. 

Seriously, all Emmy Roses needed was the paper, gift tags, and bows. 

We ordered in some Middle Eastern food for lunch, and it was yummy! I could tell the Christmas craziness was catching up with Lulu, and then I was given the best gift ever . . . both girls napped! At the same time! For almost two hours! #thankyousanta

We took advantage of 3/4 of the kiddos napping (or, in Tommy's case, yelling from his pack n play) and the adults opened up some of their gifts.

Matty enjoyed the bourbon that Sarah and Brian got him . . . 

 . . . and then Brian opened up the bourbon that Matty picked out for him!

And Grandma Ri got her annual dog calendar. #ritasayspuppiesarebetterthanalcohol

And then Matty got an iPad! Someone was on the nice list!

They finally gave up on Tommy napping, and he got some Kindle time while we opened presents. He was also extremely uninterested in opening any of his own presents!

Sweet Baby Eleanor!

A new princess outfit and wand!

Tommy got some new puzzles but didn't feel like sharing them with Lucy. So Lucy went and got out her own puzzles . . . and then quickly swept all the pieces under her new hopscotch mat when Emily tried to get at them. #sharingiscaring #ornot

I forgot to rotate this picture, but here is the delicious lasagna I made! We always do lasagna on Christmas Eve with Holiday Market bread and a salad from Antonio's. We used to make our own bread and salad, but I decided to simplify once I had babies. 

The party broke up around 7:00. We gave the girls baths, Matty and Lucy went outside to spread reindeer food, we set out cookies and carrots, and then the girls passed out. We cleaned up from the day and relaxed for a bit before heading to bed. 

Check out Andy and Sadie relaxing on Christmas Eve. My parents got Sadie that giant elephant!

We woke up bright and early Christmas morning to see what Santa had left for the girls, and then we added our gifts to their pile. Please note that the dollhouse and horse toy in the background are old toys!

Lucy started off Christmas morning by reading "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" in her crib. 

And as soon as Lucy came into the living room, she completely ignored her gifts and made a beeline for this car that Santa brought for Emily!

Eventually, Lucy got excited about her new high chair and dolly feeding accessories. 

And Emmy finally got a turn in her new car!

Lucy spent some time building things with her new toolset . . . 

 . . . and then hopped right back into the car!

She got a magnifying glass in her stocking!

Christmas morning!

Later on we loaded up and headed to my parents' house. Lucy played musical chairs during dinner and paused for a picture with Sadie. 

And Miss Roses had a prime spot next to the dining room tree!

Zack and Carla got Lucy this gigantic floor pillow. 

Our Christmas party fell right during Emmy's afternoon nap. She was sooo tired, but she was too busy partying to fall asleep. 

Also, please note that we normally don't allow Emmy to have her paci outside of her crib. I prefer to have pictures of her adorable smile, not her sucking on a paci! However, she was constantly trying to eat the wrapping paper, so my mom popped it in and the problem was solved!

Check out Em's death grip on Gordie's poor ear!

I bought this green shirt and loved it so much that I bought one for my mom and then hold her to buy one for Carla. And then Carla had the nerve to wear it on the same day as me!

This is the best we could get when we wait until the end of the party for the family picture!

Another one that I forgot to rotate, but Lucy crashed hard on the drive home and was very difficult to wake up!

Both girls went to bed Christmas night wearing their new jammies from Grandma Ri. 

Lucy was pouting because we wouldn't let her take her gigantic pillow into her crib for bed.  #meanparents

Meanwhile, down in Toledo, Tommy was trying out his new trampoline!

And that's a wrap on Christmas 2017! 

It was a great time with family. We joke that three years ago there were zero kids and our Christmas Eve celebration was much more relaxed . . . but we wouldn't change the way it is now for anything!


Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas Part 1

Happy Friday!

It IS Friday, right? I've been in vacation mode and am losing track of my days! #thisisnotabadthing

I took a longer blogging vacation than anticipated, mainly because we've been super busy and I'm just too tuckered out at night, but also because I've not been feeling the greatest. It's Thursday night as I'm typing this, and it's the first time I've even loaded or looked at the Christmas pictures on my computer! Honestly, I'm still a little tired and feeling overwhelmed with all the pictures, so I'm going to divide it into two posts.

Here's a little look at all the festivities in the days leading up to Christmas Eve.

The Thursday before Christmas, I took the girls down to my parents' house to hang out for the afternoon and go to Fantasyland with the fam. Before we left, though, Emily had fun playing in with the baby in the mirror. 

I purposely staged this picture of Emily in front of my parents' tree because I knew I had a similar one of LuLu from her first Christmas. 

And here's the comparison pic! I love my little ladies . . . but where was Lucy's neck??

We arrived at Fantasyland a little early. There was a line to get in, but it was super cold, and I didn't want to stand outside with the girls, so we waited in the car. 

And as soon as we got inside, I ran into my friend Bridget!

It's not easy trying to wear one baby and hold the other, especially when both of you are wearing slippery coats!

My sweet Emmy Roses!

Someone partied too hard at Fantasyland!

The next morning, Lucy woke up in time to see Matty off to his last day of work before being home for ELEVEN DAYS!! #happymama

We knew Daddy would be coming home early, and we passed the time by making some Hershey Kiss pretzel treats. 

This is the reason why Santa is bringing Lucy her own baby high chair!

We kicked off vacation by having the girls exchange the gifts that they picked out for one another. 

Lucy picked out this LOUD musical monkey toy for Emily. My picture of Lucy didn't turn out, but Emily so lovingly picked out the cutest Melissa and Doug birthday cake set because Lucy loves having birthday parties for her stuffies. #whatathoughtfulbabysister

Matty and I must have been excited for vacation, because on Saturday morning we were both up earlier than on a normal work day! Emily woke up before Lucy, and we hunkered back down in bed with her to watch TV . . . because that's what you do on vacation mornings!

Brian, Sarah, Tommy, and Baby Eleanor got in to town late Friday night, and Brian and Rita brought the kiddos over for a visit Saturday morning. 

After they all left, we had a few hours for the girls to nap/rest up before heading to Matt's dad's house for our first of three Christmas parties!

Lucy immediately made a friend at Grandpa Gary's house. 

Who needs presents when there's wrapping paper?!

It got a little roasty in the house, so I took Emily's sweatshirt off. Look at those arms!

Can you really expect anything better than this when you're trying to figure out a cell phone timer and there are kiddos involved??

We stayed just a little too long at Grandpa Gary's and had to load some fussy girls into the car and drive home just in time for bath and bed. The next day was Christmas Eve, and we hosted Rita, Sarah, Brian, and all the kiddos . . . all day long! It was crazy but so fun. 

Stay tuned for pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!