Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

Usually I'm bummed out on Sunday nights because Matty goes back to work the next day . . . not this week! He will be home for two weeks, and we are loving every minute of it. We've also been keeping very busy. 

Even though Lucy asked for her owl costume, she was very sad once she had it on. 

Thursday morning we met Greta and her mama at the library for a little play date. 

The puppet area is always a favorite. 

Admiring the giant poinsettia. 

"I'm going to get so much done at nap time," I told myself, and then this happened. #oops

Everyone was excited for Matty's last day of work on Friday morning. He wore his annual Christmas flannel, and Lucy wore her Gram's glasses. 

Reading her Doc McStuffins book with Gram. 

We got quite a few inches of snow Friday night, and Lucy enjoyed watching her daddy use the snowblower while she ate her breakfast Saturday morning. 

After taking care of the snow, it was time to go see Santa at Three Cedars Farm! Lucy was very intrigued by the Santa on her outfit. 

We got there right when Santa time started, but still had to wait about 30 minutes. Lucy did a great job waiting in line and looking at all of the decorations. She was super happy, and kept pointing at Santa and saying "Ho, Ho." 

She was very interested in this creepy Rudolph!

For a few days prior to our visit, and the entire time we were in line, I kept asking Lucy if she was going to sit on Santa's lap like a big girl. And she always said yes. Liar liar pants on fire!

Matty was just clicking away. I randomly chose some pics to show how her freak out progressed. Keep in mind, this entire episode lasted only about 5 seconds. 

Honestly, Matty and I were talking in the car on the way there and saying that our expectations were VERY low, so we couldn't be disappointed. I'd also like to note that, even after waiting for 30 minutes worth of families to see Santa before us, we provided the first screaming child of the day. #wewin

And about ten seconds after I took her off of Mrs. Claus' lap, Lucy was sucking away on her candy cane and was happy as a clam. 

Stopped for a selfie on the way back to the car to prove that Matty was there with us. 

And for reference, here's Lucy with Santa and Mrs. Claus last year. 

Santagate really tuckered LuLu out. She was snoozing hard Saturday afternoon, and, unfortunately, I had to wake her up because we had to hit the road for a Christmas party an hour away. When I went in to get her, she had taken her sleep sack completely off and was cuddled up on top of it! This was a first. When I asked her who took off her sleep sack, she said "Minnie!" #naughtymouse

A quick pic of a 6 months pregnant tired mama. 

On Saturday evening, one of Matty's coworkers had a bunch of people over for a Christmas gathering. His house had TONS of Christmas decorations that Lucy and all the other kiddos really enjoyed. 

These giant kissing bears were a huge hit!

This picture was pretty cute, so then we decided to get all three girls together for a picture. . . 

 . . . and Lucy freaked out. She must have thought she was sitting on Santa's lap rather than the kissing bears. 

We tried again a little later in front of the tree. Apparently no one was feeling especially photogenic on Saturday. 

Lucy powered through trips to two grocery stores Sunday morning.

After her snack break, she was ready to get to work and push the cart. 

Later that afternoon, Lucy pulled our strainer out of the cupboard, let out a giggle, and then took off out of the kitchen. I eventually found her doing this in our closet, and she thought it was hilarious. 

And here I am on Sunday night, blogging in bed. Matty's mom is staying with us for almost 2 weeks while her new house is being finished. There was a lot of football on the TV on Sunday. After Lucy went to bed Sunday night, I asked Rita if she wanted Matty to watch football in bed so she could have the main TV to watch whatever she wanted. She didn't even hesitate before saying yes. She said that, for her, having to watch football all day would be like making Matty sit down and watch Phantom of the Opera for 8 hours straight. LOL. 

And that was our weekend. We are in the home stretch to Christmas, can you believe it?! We are hosting Christmas Eve, so I've made my lists (and checked them twice!) of everything I need to accomplish this week. Basically, just grocery shopping and baking. I can handle that. The problem is not eating everything before Christmas Eve/Christmas Day!

Have a great week!


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