Thursday, December 22, 2016

Life Lately

Life has been pretty fun lately with Matty around all day. We've been keeping pretty busy. The only downside is that the change in our routine seems to have thrown Lucy for a loop and she has only napped once out of the last three days. #ugh 

On Monday, Matty and I had a little lunch date at our favorite Thai restaurant for lunch. 

Not sure why she's wearing shoes and no pants, but I'm sure she was loving it!

Sydney was at the vet all day on Monday for a dental procedure. The poor pup had four teeth pulled and a growth removed from her gum. She was pretty groggy when Matty brought her home, and Lucy was so happy to have her back. 

Oma and Pop put up their tree, so Lucy and I went over to admire it on Tuesday. We started out with "no touch," and then eventually moved to "gentle touch." It's the only large Christmas tree she's going to see this year, so we let her explore the ornaments. 

After napping on Oma, Lucy woke up and immediately went back to work pointing out her favorite ornaments. 

Lucy got her Christmas gift from Grandma Ri early . . . a table and chairs set! She has been fighting her high chair and her booster seat HARD lately, so we are hoping this will make meal time a little easier. 

She had to check it out from all angles. 

We had pizza for dinner on Tuesday, and Lucy did a pretty good job sitting and eating. Also, we quickly realized that we needed more than two chairs. The set is from Ikea, so it wasn't a big deal for Grandma Ri to pick up another one the next day. 

Matty and Lucy had a breakfast date on Wednesday morning. She happily sits down to eat now, it's just a matter of keeping her in her seat. Also, it turns out the table is directly at dingo face level, so there's a lot of dingo sniffing and petting going on which I'm not crazy about. 

Yesterday was Lucy's first time playing in the snow! Surprisingly, she didn't fuss at all when I put her snow gear on, and she had a great time playing with Matty and the dogs. 

Can we take a minute to admire the adorable mittens that Lucy is wearing? My very talented friend, Lisa, made them. They were all set to be a stocking stuffer for Lucy, but she didn't have any mittens that were acceptable for playing in the snow, so they got pulled out of the stocking a few days early. They did a great job keeping Lu's hands warm. You can check out all of Lisa's adorable items at her Etsy shop

Do they make baby snow blowers? Because her lawn mower just wasn't cutting it. 

We finally made it to The Container Store yesterday. I was super excited. While it did not disappoint, I didn't purchase any storage containers for Lucy's toys because the prices seemed too high, in my opinion. 

After The Container Store, we stopped for lunch at House of Falafel. It's basically like a Subway for Mediterranean food, and it was delicious! Remember how I said Lucy has been fighting her high chair and booster seat lately? Well that goes for restaurant high chairs as well. So, my lap it was.  Also, please note the whole wheat Uncrustable that Lucy is eating. I randomly bought a box a few weeks ago, and they have been the greatest thing ever. I pulled one out of the freezer and threw it in the diaper bag as we were walking out the door, and it was thawed and ready to go in time for lunch. 

Both my wrap and my water had to be held off to the side, and Lucy wanted to drink from my water instead of her own, but overall she did a great job eating on my lap. 

And, because it's vacation and we're doing special things, we went through the drive thru at the Looney Baker on the way home and got some donut holes. Lucy reluctantly ate a glazed one ;)

After 45 minutes of crying/fussing in her crib, we brought Lucy out to the family room hoping she'd nap with us. It wasn't happening. 

We finished our day off with a trip to the grocery. Lucy was happy to drive her car while we shopped. She was not, however, happy to wait in line to pay. Thank you to the cashier who passed along a strip of stickers. The car cart is now sufficiently decorated thanks to Lucy. 

That's all, folks. The next few days will be spent cleaning and baking before the Christmas festivities begin this weekend. I am SO excited to give Lucy her presents! I'm also excited to get my hands on one of these darling cookies my SIL made!

Our families have so much to celebrate this holiday season, but I know that's not always the case for everyone. The happiest time of the year for some can be the saddest time of the year for others. If you are missing loved ones or feeling sad, I wish you the best and hope that you can find a little bit of joy in the magic of the holiday season. 

From our family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


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