Thursday, December 15, 2016

Life Lately: Snow Day Edition

Life lately has been pretty snowy. We got a huge snowfall all day Sunday and into Monday morning. Pretty much every school in the area was closed. A few years ago I would have been stalking the news apps Sunday night with the rest of the teachers praying for a day off of work to sleep in and relax. But this year? Snow days just mean being stuck inside allll day with my little cutie. It was a long day, but we made the best of it.

Lucy has been obsessed with playing on the couch lately. She builds mountains and jumps on them, hides toys in the cushions, or just plops down in strange positions. 

Then it was time to play "Hide the Socks."

The duck costume got pulled out again on Monday, and she added a little owl on top. 

Playing with toys is more fun when you're a duck!

I had planned on having Lucy make another handprint Christmas tree, but she had other ideas. She smeared the paint around for awhile and had a good time. 

After painting it was time to "cook." I added some mini marshmallows to her oatmeal/noodles mixture. You'd think I'd know better by now. Every time I looked up she was eating a marshmallow!

Seems like we had a busy day, huh? By the time we finished the cooking it was . . . 10:45am! haha 

Tuesday morning it was back to making mountains on the couch. 

On Tuesday night, one of Matty's coworkers stopped by during dinner to drop something off. Lucy was sitting in her seat eating nicely, but freaked out a little bit when the man came into the house. After he left, she sat on my lap and gobbled up way more spinach and cheese ravioli than I ever would have expected her to. 

Tuesday was a sick day at my brother's house. My nephew Andy and my brother were both sick. Carla took this cutie out to Dunkin Donuts to get away from the germs for awhile. How cute is Gordie with his donut? And by the way, who sends a pic like this to a pregnant lady and doesn't follow it up with a donut delivery??!!

Wednesday morning we braved the FREEZING temperatures and headed to Target. There are so many astonishing things happening in this picture. 1. Lucy is wearing a coat. 2. Lucy is wearing her hat. 3. Lucy is sitting in the cart. 4. Lucy is doing all of these things willingly and happily. It was a very pleasant shopping trip!

The trip to Target really made her miss the couch, so she got right back to hiding ducks when we got home. She rolls around a lot, and the dryness and lack of humidity in the house does wonders for her hair. 

Lucy had a random burst of hard core independent play time yesterday around lunch time. I got up to make her lunch, and she just started playing with all of her toys and didn't pay a bit of attention to me. Her lunch was all ready to go, but she was still so focused that I let her play for another 15 minutes!

This is the closest Lucy has every come to resembling me . . . snacks and a drink while snuggling on the couch under a blanket. 

That's our week so far. This weekend we have plans to take Lucy to see Santa, and we have a Christmas party at Matty's coworker's house. And, as of Friday afternoon, Matty will officially be on vacation for TWO WEEKS!! #happywife #happymama

Oh, and in case you're looking for any last minute gift ideas for those special people in your life, check back tomorrow for my Amazon gift guide. 

Have a great weekend. Try to stay warm!


  1. I love that Lu crawls all over the couch like that! Hilarious! And truly how comfy does she look on the couch under that blanky!!! I want to trade places with her, even if it's just for fifteen minutes.

    1. Fifteen minutes is all it would take for me to fall fast asleep these days!!