Friday, December 16, 2016

Last Minute Gift Ideas

I thought I'd share a few last minute gift ideas for those of you still looking to fill in some missing pieces of the gift giving puzzle. I'm only going to link to gifts that I purchased from Amazon because that's where I completed 95% of my shopping. Remember my motto, "If it's not Prime, don't waste your time." As evidenced by this picture, I was quick to pull the trigger on many a gift for family and friends and have it delivered right to my doorstep in two days time.

There's actually much more that I ordered from Amazon, but I didn't want to ruin any surprises for certain friends and family who I know read the blog. I'm sure if I simply asked them to avoid reading today's post they would have complied, right? Also, I'm aware that these links show the date that I purchased the item. I don't love that feature, but I can't figure out how to eliminate it. At least you'll see that I haven't procrastinated at all. Ok, here we GO!

I am SO excited for Lucy to get this. It's going to be her big gift from Santa, and I know she's going to love it and play with it and bake me all sorts of delicious plastic treats. I felt like the price was very reasonable compared to other play kitchens, and it's not huge so it won't take up a ton of already limited space in our house. 

The kitchen comes with cupcakes, but other than that, it's all plates and kitchen utensils so I ordered this set of food for Lucy. I haven't opened the box yet, but from what I can tell through the plastic, it's good quality and quite realistic looking. 

As of last night when I did this post, this kit was no longer available for Prime shipping. #bummer I've seen it at Target and Babies R Us, though. Lucy LOVES Doc McStuffins, and I know that all of her stuffies will get a proper check up once this kit gets opened. "Gonna check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you've grown . . . "

As luck would have it, this is no longer available on Amazon. #anotherbummer However, it's so cute and I think Lucy is going to be thrilled when she opens this from her Oma and Pop. I got the idea for this toy from Parents Magazine back in October when I read a little blurb about it, and they said it was quite popular with the 2-3 year old crowd. I did find links for a comparable price to what Amazon had it for at Target and for even cheaper at Toys R Us! Just not sure what shipping times are. Although, I hear some people actually go to stores to shop for things, so you could try that too ;)

I must admit, I have mixed feelings about this puzzle. It's all wrapped and ready to go, but I'm debating as to whether or not we should give it to Lucy. She's been really into playing with the buckles on her high chair and Bumbo seat, the zippers on her coat, the velcro on her shoes, etc., which is why I thought this puzzle would be perfect. However, just within the past few weeks I've noticed that she gets super frustrated when she can't buckle or zip something and just yells and cries. This makes me wonder if she's not quite ready for a puzzle like this yet. I'm 90% sure we'll give it to her. Is this a good idea? Ask me in January. 

This is the most random of all of Lucy's gifts. One of her friends has a similar version of this toy, and Lucy has really enjoyed playing with it. It's a sturdy blow up toy that she can ride or jump on. It's low to the ground and not too large. And it's only $15. Win, win, win. 

This is a gift that my MIL had me purchase for my nephew Tommy. She bought this same toy for Lucy for Christmas last year, and it's still a favorite in her toy rotation. Inserting the coins on top helps with fine motor skills, we've worked on color recognition, and Lucy loves opening and closing the tummy. 

Another purchase by my MIL for Tommy per Lucy's recommendation. We bought these for Lucy for her first birthday, and she loves them. You can't beat the price, and the quality is great. There's a lot of them, so half go on our dishwasher and the other half are on a metal cookie sheet in the play room. Because, for some reason, our stainless steel fridge is not magnetic! They are educational, fun, and a great gift for that special little person in your life!

Matty has one of these cups for water at work and enjoys it so much that he bought one for here at home as well. It's similar to the oh so popular Yeti products, but for a much for affordable price. It keeps things hot or cold for hours and hours and hours. It's comes with a lid that does just fine in the car, but I must warn you, it splashes a bit when on a bumpy stroller ride. 

Don't laugh at me for this one. My dad is one of those people that is super hard to buy for. I bought him a bar of this soap last year, and he really got a kick out of it, so I bought another one for this year. Yes, it's a $12 bar of soap, but he might win so much more than that! Some people might spend more than $12 on scratch off lottery tickets as a gift. Personally, I think the soap is better. Not only does the excitement keep building with every wash, but it also promotes cleanliness. The more you wash your hands, the faster you find out how much money is in the middle. And for those of you who are wondering, my dad only got a $1 bill last year. He's gonna do better this year, I just know it!

And I think I'll stop there. I did have a few other ideas to share, but the items are no longer available on Amazon and I couldn't find links for other stores. I hope this was helpful for anyone looking for last minute gifts. I'm ALWAYS looking for good gift ideas and am constantly asking people what's on their Christmas lists so that I can copy their ideas! 

I'm all done shopping and wrapping, but for those of you who aren't, best of luck this weekend!


PS: Full disclosure, I am part of the Amazon affiliate program, so if you click on any of the links above and purchase an item I may earn a small fee. Thanks for your help!


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