Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Eve

I've been a little behind on the blogging this week. I've got about 45 minutes between helping my MIL move and dinner with friends, and I'm hoping to finish up this Christmas Eve post because I know everyone (my mom) is dying to see our pictures.  ;) 

These first few are actually from Christmas Eve Eve (I heard someone refer to this day as Christmas Adam this year. Is that a thing??) Here's Matty putting together Lucy's kitchen while she napped. #greatdaddy

Since he's on vacation, Matty's been getting a little taste of what it's like to try and accomplish chores with Lucy around. He was vacuuming, and she followed him around pushing the base the entire time. 

Because we knew she was going to be getting so many presents over the next few days, we gave Lucy this present a few days early. It's a rubber donkey that she can bounce on, and it is, without a doubt, her favorite gift of the Christmas season. 

You don't need pants to bounce on a donkey! She immediately started calling him Nonnie, so that's his name. Strangely enough, she woke up in the middle of the night crying super hard later that evening and at one point started calling for Nonnie. That's how much she loves this donkey. 

They watch TV together on the couch. 

More vacuuming on Christmas Eve morning. This time, Lucy wanted to be held. I didn't intervene because this is how I vacuum most of the time, so I didn't feel too badly for him!

Running errands with Daddy on Christmas Eve morning dressed in her Santa pj's and, most likely, talking to "Pop" on the phone. Upside down sunglasses are going to be the new fashion trend for 2017. 

Lucy had been asking about Tommy for days and was so happy when he finally arrived on Christmas Eve afternoon. 

Look at that cute face!

We decided to let the kiddos open presents before dinner. Neither one had napped much (or at all, in Lu's case), and we didn't want to push our luck by waiting until later in the evening. It was time for Matty to see what was in all those packages that had been delivered!

Lucy got a new puzzle and wanted to start on it right away. Snort was there for moral support. 

So. many. gifts. I definitely had to try and keep her focused. Eventually I think I just started opening them on my own. 

Tommy doesn't shy away from the camera! 

Lucy decided to show her affection for Tommy by petting his head. 

He returned the sentiment by giving her the sweetest hug . . . 

 . . . that lasted a little too long in Lucy's opinion!

She was also a little unsure about sharing her new Little People Disney Princesses with Tommy. 

She finally gave him one all on her own, and I was so proud of her. 

Taking a break to admire her new stuffies. 

Next up was dinner. It was a little after 5, and Lucy was fading fast. I wrangled her while everyone else ate. We served homemade bread . . . 

 . . . and lasagna! There was also a salad from Buddy's, but I didn't get a pic of that. 

Being silly after dinner. Apparently all we have to do to make Lucy happy is put her on Matty's shoulders. Is it feasible for her to eat her meals up there??

The Brennan Family . . . soon to be a family of four!! Baby Girl Brennan arrives July 2017! 

My Christmas Eve dinner. We're adding two more baby girls to the mix next year. Things are bound to be calmer, right?!

Don't let that sweet face fool you, she was a fussball!

These two definitely got their second wind while Matty blew up the air mattress. 

Both Lucy and Tommy got some new books, so I read them one to calm down a bit before bed. 

And then this happened. Two babies in the tub was the cutest thing ever!

After the kiddos went to sleep, the adults got to open some presents. This was the only picture I took. His outfit was "Christmas Casual."

After presents, we straightened up a bit and got ready for Christmas morning. 

Did Lucy love her gifts?? Did she survive another day of parties and presents? Check back tomorrow to find out!



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