Thursday, November 17, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty good around here. We've certainly been enjoying the amazing weather!

Last week Lucy had both of her grandmas over for a play date at Funtastic and then out to lunch. She had a great time!

Matty made sure to try and make it home before dark one day last week so that he and Lucy could run around outside. They enjoyed playing together on opposite sides of the fence. 

Saturday afternoon Lucy went for a sleepover at Oma and Papa's. Matty and I and the Heinbuchs headed off to Grand Rapids to celebrate the Beatons (in the center) who are expecting their first baby in January. 

The Beatons have a cute little French Bulldog named Pippa. She snorts/snores/grunts all the time which is a little off putting to me. She had pretty much cuddled up to everyone except for me, and she rectified that on Sunday morning. Without any prompting, she crawled right up onto my lap and went to sleep. #donttellthedingos

Monday morning Lucy was in a great mood and was really hamming it up for the camera. She had a great time cuddling up to her "dogoo."

Later on, I was in the kitchen making lunch when I heard a string of giggly "uh ohs" coming from the family room. I walked over and found this. She thought it was hilarious and has made it her new favorite move. 

A little dessert after lunch. She really stuffed that thing in there!

After lunch, Lucy took all of her bibs and put then on top of Sydney (who was napping on her side) and then sat on her! I know I've said it before, but I can't believe we were convinced we'd have to get rid of Sydney because we thought she'd eat our baby!

Some nights this is how dinner gets made . . . 

 . . . and this is how I get ready for the day some mornings when Lucy wakes up earlier than usual. #passtheblush #andtheundereyeconcealer

Here's Lucy's official 18 month picture. What a little lady!

And then a plane flew by and she loved it, as usual. 

Naked baby riding on the lawnmower. Just your average Tuesday evening!

For the love of God, do you know how many tiny person chairs and bins of stuffies there are at Ikea? A LOT!!! I know this because Lucy sat in every single chair and had to hold/fuss over wanting every single stuffy. 

This was silly Lucy doing some shopping at Buy Buy Baby before she threw a large tantrum instigated by the fact that I wouldn't let her play with a very tall broom handle horse. Which she kept calling a "moo," by the way. Sorry kiddo. So I picked up my little cowgirl wannabe and carried her off, kicking and screaming, into the sunset. Is it bad that the tantrums are finally starting not to bother me as much??

Found these two little gems at Target yesterday. They are going to look great in Lucy's room for Christmas!

That's about it. We've got a couple of big things on the agenda over the next few days. The first takes place today! My friend was in a jam for child care for her daughter today, so I'll be watching her 8 month old little lady, Amelia, from 7:00-3:30. A little practice for life a few months from now, I suppose!

The weather looks like it's going to take a turn in the wrong direction for the weekend, which brings us to my second big task on the agenda: decorating for Christmas! A cold, rainy weekend seems like the perfect time to start hauling everything upstairs and putting it out. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I feel like Lu is changing so much and this particular post shows how much of a big girl she's getting to be! I absolutely love the ones of her with the dog (don't hate me, I can't tell which dog that is without seeing the tail!) and of her on the steps. Super cute :) Look forward to seeing you guys this week for Turkey Day...the day where turkey is our least favorite thing on the menu!

  2. PS. Love your new profile photo!!!