Thursday, November 10, 2016

Life Lately

Welcome to your safe haven from election talk! 

Life lately has been pretty quiet around here. Our week got off to a rocky start, thank you very much Daylight Saving(s) Time. Sunday night/Monday morning Lucy woke up at 2:30, 4:30, and then was up for good at 5:30. It was a little too reminiscent of her newborn days, and I have a few months left before I have to start thinking about those again!

After a late morning nap (for both of us), we rallied and went out to run some errands with Grandma Ri. First on the list . . . sitting in the Mini Cooper at Home Goods. 

Hobby Lobby was next, where Lucy quickly latched on to this larger than life sock monkey. No, we did not bring it home!

Construction worker Lu! She saw these in the party section and got right to work. 

And finally, a quick stop at Lowes. I was hoping that this car would entice her to actually ride in the cart. And it did, for exactly as long as it took for Grandma Ri to take this picture. 

Thanks to her daddy, Lucy discovered maple breakfast sausage this week and was pretty happy about it. 

She wasn't happy about taking this picture, but her outfit for walking to the park could not go undocumented. 

Lucy's new favorite game is to remove all of her toys from her bedroom and/or play room and set the out in the hallway. She is very precise about where she puts things and does not appreciate anyone moving them. When I see her start this activity, I sit back and enjoy a little independent play time!

We had an impromptu play date at the library yesterday morning, and Lucy enjoyed a little computer time. And by that I mean trying on the headphones, moving the ball around on the mouse, and banging on the keyboard. 

Greta's face is adorable in this picture.

This next picture made me LOL. You may remember from my last post that if Lu is being particularly difficult during a diaper change, I'll give her my phone to distract her. I was going through my phone deleting the dozens of forehead selfies she usually takes, when this picture popped up. I'm calling it "Portrait of a Chubby Toe." 

That's about it for us this week. We have a couples baby shower to attend this weekend in Grand Rapids so Lucy will be spending the night with my parents. Let's see, what else, probably laundry, some yard work, and . . . oh yeah . . . FINDING OUT THE GENDER OF OUR BABY!!

Make sure to check back this weekend. There will most likely be a bonus post after our gender reveal gathering Friday evening. I'm 99% sure I won't keep you waiting til Monday. ;)

Have a great weekend!


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