Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a spooktacular day yesterday!

We started our celebrating on Sunday with some pumpkin activities. Matty cut open our pumpkin but left the sloppy stuff inside. Lucy wasn't too interested in touching anything slimy, but she did enjoy taking the lid on and off. 

We wanted Lucy to be involved in the pumpkin process, and since she can't really help carve yet, I decided to let her paint her pumpkin. Other than Miss Lisa's controlled art projects, Lucy hasn't had much experience with paint. 

She painted more of herself than the pumpkin. We called it a night when she decided to take a taste of the paint!

Snort got in on the action too. I think he may have even helped himself to a pumpkin seed. 

On Halloween morning, Lucy and her baby friends (and tons of other people) attended a special story time and puppet show at the Ann Arbor Downtown Library. 

She loved the puppet show!

She kept waving at someone the entire show. Who was it? . . . 

 . . . the giraffe standing next to us!

Our cute Halloween crew. And the mamas in the window!

On Halloween evening Lucy, thankfully, gave us no trouble getting into her costume. We took her outside and she immediately went to check on her tiny pumpkin collection. 

The happiest pink owl you've ever seen!

If I'm being honest, Matty and I hadn't even planned on taking Lucy trick-or-treating. We kind of thought she was still too little. Some of my friends talked me into it, though, and I'm so glad they did! She toddled around to about 12 houses, and we had a great time!

The very first house we stopped at had this in their front yard. Lucy really liked it!

She was a little nervous at first, but as soon as that bowl of candy came out she reached right in and grabbed two pieces!

Super happy about the doggie at this house . . . 

 . . . and the doggie statue on their front porch! I think she would have preferred to put that in her pumpkin instead of candy. 

We got home just before Lucy's bedtime, but still let her try her very first piece of a Hershey bar. 

Not exactly how I react to chocolate, but she seemed to like it and asked for more. 

And then thanked her Daddy for giving it to her. 

From a Grumpy Pumpy to a Happy Owl. What a difference a year makes!

Here's a pick of my niece and nephews: Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach!

And my other nephew, Tommy, with my brother-in-law Brian. 

Looks like our entire family had a Happy Halloween, and I hope yours did too!

I can't believe it's November 1st already!
For kids, it's the day they come down off of their sugar high.
For Catholics, it's All Saints Day.
And for my mom, it's her birthday!!



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