Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving Break Edition

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend. I'm happy to report that Lucy did much better this year! We had a fairly busy four days, and I'm so sad to send Matty back to work! Here's a little glimpse of what we were up to.

My parents purposely did Thanksgiving dinner later this year so that the littles could hopefully take naps. Lucy napped for about an hour and a half and woke up a little grumpy. She just wanted to snuggle and be left alone, which made me nervous for the Thanksgiving festivities.

After a little bit of snuggling, she perked right up, put on her turkey outfit, and was happy to get to Oma and Papa's to play with their toys. 

She started out riding the giraffe . . .

 . . . then played with Gordie and Daddy . . . 

 . . . and finished with a little dress up. She was very busy. 

After dinner, we did our annual gift card exchange. Everyone brings a $10 gift card and wraps it up with a clue on the front. We draw numbers and choose a gift card. The clue for the gift card I ended up with was "Temporary Path." It was a gift card to Subway! I took a Hobby Lobby card and put "A vestibule for doing things that interest you" as my clue. My SIL, Carla, was happy to end up with that one. Matty wrapped up a Tim Horton's card and his clue was "Snot Roh Mit," which is Tim Horton's backwards. #anythinggoes

My parents bought the three kiddos $5 gift cards to McDonald's. 

Lucy enjoyed opening her card. She's never been to McDonald's, but is looking forward to trying out some pancakes . . . or some ice cream! She also said she'd buy her mama some fries. What a sweetie.

Serious conversations on the stairs with Andy. 

I wish I had a video of the entire process of getting this picture to happen. It took us about ten minutes just to get my parents and all the kiddos in the same room. At first, Sadie really wanted Lucy to sit on her lap, so we gave that a try and it didn't work at all. I knew Lu would probably only do well with my mom, but Gordie was not about to let Lucy have all the Oma lap, so he crawled up too. And then once we got everyone in position, the remaining eight or so adults all started hooting and hollering to get the kiddos to look and smile. It was quite comical. 

Matty just kept snapping away, and this is what most of the pics looked like. The above picture is a miracle!

Carla, Gordie, Sadie, and an couple of lumberjacks!

I wasn't super happy with our family pics (apparently that's gonna be a Thanksgiving tradition for me). Never let someone shorter than you take your picture. 

For the past few years, we've been getting my parents a Christmas ornament with the grandkiddos' names on it.  Apparently the sliding door is more interesting to Matty than the ornament. ;) 

Lucy's Thanksgiving meal consisted of turkey with BBQ sauce, grapes, apple slices, and a cereal bar. For dessert, she nibbled on a little bit of pumpkin pie, but preferred to eat the chocolate peanut butter pie that was on my plate. 

It was past Lucy's bedtime, but she did a great job and ended the night watching Sadie play her DS. 

There was no wild and crazy Black Friday shopping for us, unless you count a midmorning trip to Lowes. 

We bought some wood, some paint, and got a great deal on a step ladder that was normally $25 but on sale for $15. I take that back, I guess we did get pretty wild and crazy!

I really feel like Lucy is regressing with her silverware usage. She used to do so well, now she basically holds the utensil in one hand and feeds herself with the other. You should see her eat tomato soup!

Late Friday afternoon, we were all playing outside. Sydney was chasing the ball and got a little too crazy and ripped her dew claw. I wish I could say this was the first time. Or the second. Or the third. We know the drill and knew that she was in pain and it would need to be clipped off before the weekend started. I called the vet right away, and they were kind enough to squeeze us in. Here's Syd on my lap in the waiting room.

And here's Syd on my seat in the exam room. Luckily, they just clipped her nail off super short and we were on our way. No stitches or cone necessary . . . this time. 

I was at the vet for about an hour and half and received these two collages while I was gone. See, I'm not the only one who goes picture crazy! 

We were errand running machines on Saturday morning and hit up the UPS store, Weingartz, Costco, Trader Joes, and picked up a delicious salad from Buddy's for lunch on the way home. I know the back of the cart isn't the safest place for Lucy to sit, but she was sitting. In the cart. Not whining to be held or running around the aisles like a crazy lady. So we went with it. She was very good about stacking our purchases for us and holding on to our membership card. 

Snack time on the couch with Daddy watching the Michigan game. 

Morning milk on the couch with Daddy. 

Watching some of Daddy's car videos and being silly.

I left the room for a few minutes and came back to this. I was not ok with this situation. Not only do I prefer our pillows to remain on the couch, I also prefer them to not be underneath our dog's stinky muzz! We've recently added a pillow to Lucy's crib, and she loves it. She must have wanted Sydney to experience a pillow too. 

"I'm sorry mama took the pillow away. I'll bring it back to you later."

Merry Christmas to this guy! He wanted a super cool grass seed/fertilizer spreader and that's exactly what he got. Santa brought it a little early because it was time to do one last lawn fertilization of the season this weekend. 

Here he is in all his glory. When I showed Matty this picture, he said that I should have zoomed in more because the distance doesn't adequately capture the "badass-ness" of the spreader. His words, not mine. This concludes the "Matty Grass Cutting" collection of photos for the year. Stay tuned for the snow blowing!

Lucy found an acorn, (or as she likes to exclaim, "NUT!"), outside last week. She's kept a close eye on it but we thought she lost it out in the grass a few days ago. Matty found it when they were out playing Sunday evening. She's clutching it in her left hand in this pic and was so happy. Reunited and it feels so good. 

This happened Sunday evening while I was cleaning up after dinner. Matty said he was looking forward to going back to work Monday so he could rest a bit. ha! He's going to be off for 17 days at Christmas. He might not make it!

That's about it. Back to our regularly scheduled progamming this week. Story time, Sing and Play, play date, 18 month check up. And if you need me at all on Thursday or Friday, I'll be in the kitchen baking. Once a year my SIL, Carla, and I bake cookies for a store in Wyandotte that has a big Yankee Candle sale every December. Carla will be making 100 fancily decorated sugar cookies, and I'll be making 300 chocolate chip and 100 Snickerdoodles. Logistically, this was much easier to do pre-Lucy, but if Carla can get it done with three kiddos than I can figure it out with just one! 

Have a great week!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Life Lately: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We have so much to be thankful for again this year. Here's a little peek at our life lately as we gear up for Turkey Day.

Last Thursday I watched our friends' eight-month-old baby girl, Amelia. She is considerably more mobile than Lucy was at that age! I had two little girls in the house from 7am-3:30. It definitely went better than I expected it too, but I was tuckered out by the end of the day!

As soon as Amelia arrived, Lucy made sure to put the Team Pink hat on her. #girlhouse

These two cuties played really well together!

Lucy was tuckered out after Amelia left as well. She needed to zone out with a snack and a Doc McStuffins episode . . . and her sunnies.

Thank you, Babies R Us, for leaving a tricycle out in the clearance section right as we walked in. Lucy saw it right away and hopped right on.

She also tried out every single toddler bed on display, but spent the most time in this Jeep one. Daddy was proud. 

It's Lucy's job to take things out to the recycling bin in our garage. Matty walked her out the other day, and they seemed to be gone for a long time. Then I heard a horn honk. They were having fun in Daddy's car, which seemed like a good idea at first. Except now every time Matty gets home from work, Lucy stands at the door to the garage and says, "Car, Car, Car" over and over again. He created a monster! So thankful for this handsome guy and all he does so that I can stay home and have these adventures with Lucy! 

Snuggled up with all the stuffies!

Here's my 5 month picture! The black sweatshirt probably wasn't the best choice. But alas, here I am after an entire day of decorating for Christmas. As usual lately, when I finally sat down to call it a night, baby girl woke up and started moving around non stop. 

Breakfast by the tree is a happy occasion.

Lucy's obsession with Sydney is still going strong. They usually have some snuggle time after lunch. I've given up trying to get her to stay away from the dog beds. 

Getting ready to go outside for play time takes a lot longer these days.

I got Lucy's hair into a full blown pony tail the other day and couldn't get enough of it!

What on earth are we supposed to do with this girl after dinner all winter long?? We roamed Ikea for a bit earlier this week. 

Giraffe pajamas with her purple flower boots. Little lady can put together an outfit like nobody's business! (What you can't see in this pic is that her pajamas are actually cut off at the bottom. They used to have feet, but Lucy is against all footie pajamas this year. These were too cute to sit in her closet so Matty cut off the feet. They now look completely ridiculous!)

We tried a new play place called Tiny Town this week and loved it. It's divided up into little rooms for dress up, beauty parlor, vet, grocery, and construction. 

Lucy loved the little home area with the baby dolls and kitchen. 

She also loved this painting on the wall in the vet area. She would laugh, point, and giggle. Who can blame her?!

More snuggle time. Sydney takes it like a champ. 

Thanks to the help of the Kindle, some snacks, and the mall play area, I got to get some Christmas shopping done yesterday. Lu dressed for the occasion. 

That's all for now. Our Thanksgiving plans include watching the parade in the morning and then going down to my parents' house for dinner after nap. We are hoping that Lucy's second Thanksgiving goes a little smoother than her first! If you don't remember the fussiness of Lu's first Thanksgiving, you can read all about it here

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!