Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

Well, we've wrapped up another whirlwind of a weekend. And, as seems to be the norm lately, I only did one blog post last week so there's a lot to catch up on. Whenever I get tired, the first thing to get cut out is my schoolwork (duh!) and then blogging. Because some nights its much easier to just hunker down on the couch and watch some Netflix. I miss it, though, and I want to try to get back to doing at least two posts a week. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a lot of Lucy because this is not a small amount of pictures!

Backing up to last Monday for a minute, we went to our last story time at the library, and Lucy FINALLY showed interest in the parachute at the end. Rather than sitting on my lap, she got right up, walked over and shook it a little bit. I was so proud!

She even walked underneath it with the other kiddos while the parents shook the parachute. #daredevil

We took a trip to Buy Buy Baby last week, and many of you may have heard me complaining lately that Lucy won't go in her stroller or in the cart at stores. We settled on this method of transportation, and I was totally fine with it!

This picture is a little fuzzy but too cute not to share. Maybe someday we'll get a similar shot of her in her first actual car. 

Lucy stayed the night at my mom and dad's Wednesday. I stayed for snack time and got to see her share her cereal bar with the witch candles. 

When Matty and I went to pick her up Thursday evening, this is what we walked in on. Oma and Papa tire her out!

Lucy and I were without a car on Friday so we stayed home and did lots of chores . . . like laundry. Thank goodness it has child locks!

Lucy's new shoes arrived during nap, and she wanted to put them on immediately upon waking up. Who needs pants when you have new shoes?!

A close up. Aren't they so cute?

Lucy is in charge of feeding the dingos their dinner, and before I know it she'll be walking them by herself as well. 

Does anyone ever forget that I'm growing a second baby? Because, honestly, sometimes we do! 

Saturday morning was beautiful but chilly. We met some friends at Greenfield Village and had a great time!

Carousel ride with Daddy. It actually went a little too fast for my taste!

Next we hit up their super cool playground. Lucy and Greta had a great time in this tunnel. 

Superstars on the swings. Lucy wore her sunglasses almost the entire morning. 

There was definitely more staring than teetering or tottering. 

Our big girl climbed up there all by herself. 

So much fun with Lisa, Ryan, and Greta. Thanks for inviting us!! (PS, we had finally gotten Lu in her stroller and she was happily eating a snack. No way were we taking her out for a picture!)

Toddling back to the car.

We went to Chipotle for lunch afterward, and Lucy had the time of her life. She stuffed herself with food and squealed at every person that went by. She was such a hit that she earned herself a free apple juice from the staff. 

Saturday evening was spent in the backyard playing ball with the dogs, searching for airplanes . . .

 . . . striking model-worthy poses . . .

 . . . and giggling like crazy when we chased her around the shed. 

Sunday afternoon we went to Pumpkin Palooza in Downtown Plymouth. Up until this day, I hadn't been able to get Lucy to put on her costume so I was nervous she wouldn't wear it. She did great and made an adorable owl! She was super excited about all the doggies in costumes. 

She was a little clingy because of the large crowd and loud music . . . 

 . . . but eventually started clapping along with the song. 

Our little flock of birds: Lucy the Owl, Greta the Swan, and Catherine the Peacock! #notplanned #featheredfriends

Toward the end Lucy morphed into a firefighting owl. 

Matty left early Sunday morning for a work trip. As I have previously mentioned, Lucy has been less than agreeable about shopping lately, so I treated myself to my first experience with Meijer Curbside Pick Up. This mama is hooked!! Saturday evening I sat in bed with my computer and selected everything I needed and then went and picked it up at my selected time on Sunday. 

A happy mama who did not waste an hour and a half of her Sunday dealing with the grocery. 

And they gave me four free candy bars as a welcome gift! Now I'm sure I won't do this every week (even though I totally could), but it's definitely worth the $5 when I know we are going to have a busy weekend and I don't want to tackle the grocery. 

After nap Lucy played with her felt pumpkin that Aunt Carla made for her!

And that was our week/weekend!

Remember up top when I said I wanted to start blogging more consistently again? Well it's going to have to wait until next week. I have a book review scheduled to post Wednesday, I believe. But, other than that, I'll be MIA this week. Why? . . . because Matty and I are going on a little VACATION!!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. As I said, Matty left for a work trip and I'm flying out to join him later in the week. I'm so excited/nervous/freaking out about leaving Lucy. Wait, are you wondering where I'm going? Didn't I tell you already? No? Oh, well for those of you who don't already know, you're just going to have to wait and see! But, if I see Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, I'll tell them you say hi!!!!

Have a great week. I'm pretty sure I will!



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