Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekend Recap

Yet another weekend has flown by! 

Friday was a long day to end a long week. As I've mentioned, Lucy has been less than agreeable lately. Matty took a half day off to golf with his coworkers, so I had to try and fill a longer day than usual just the two of us. 

The only way to get Lucy in a stroller lately is to offer her a snack. It was such a beautiful day that I definitely wanted to get out for a walk, so peanut butter crackers it was!

Apparently, though, I could have just offered her a toe or two!

Nap time could definitely have gone smoother. There was a lot of standing up and crying for mama. At one point, she did sit down and turn herself into a ghost for a few minutes which made me laugh. And after all the drama, she FINALLY fell asleep . . . for a little less than an hour. ugh!

I grabbed an apple as a snack for myself while we were playing outside.  Not sure what I was thinking!

As the afternoon wore on, her lack of nap definitely affected her behavior. I was trying to get some dinner ready when I heard a banging sound. Lucy had taken one of the dog bowls from the kitchen (which she knows she's not supposed to touch), and was banging it on the door in our bathroom! 

When all else fails, outdoor play usually keeps Lucy happy. This is the ONLY thing she wanted to do while we were out there. 

Matty finally made it home just before bath time, and Lucy stole his sweaty golf hat. 

Bubbles are the best!

Saturday morning was chilly and beautiful. We headed to Kellog Park to look at the scarecrows and walk around the farmers market. I had my first caramel apple cider of the season from Starbucks. It was a great morning!

Always pushing the limits, she chose to play right at the point where the street was no longer blocked off. 

After our morning in the park, we packed Lucy up and I took her down to my mom and dad's for the night! She gave her daddy quite the hug when we were leaving. 

Had to say goodbye to Sydney, too!

So what did we do with our Lucy-free time? That's for another blog post on another day. I took some pictures, but I'm waiting to get the pictures that my parents took of Lucy while she visited with them.

She was home again by late Sunday morning and loving her new favorite game: Hide n Seek behind her rocking chair!

Why is Matty so happy? Because he just got home from (another) round of golf and was sitting on the couch watching the Lions with his girls. 

Not a bad weekend! Hopefully you got to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

As usual, we have another busy week ahead. Doctors appointments, Sing and Play, Moms Group, and a Halloween play date! Hope everyone has a good week!



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