Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Littles Go to Sky Zone

Last week, Carla, my mom, and I took Lucy and my nephew Gordie to Toddler Time at Sky Zone. It was an hour long jump fest just for kiddos under 5. I wasn't sure what Lucy would think of it, but she really had a good time!

Mamas weren't allowed to be on the trampolines, but we were allowed to sit on the cross rows. 

As you can see in the background, my mom had a good time cheering on her littlest grandbabies. 

There were noodles, foam blocks, balls and a ton of space for all the littles to play around. 

Gordie had a great time with the noodles!

Getting the two of them to sit still and look at the camera was pretty much impossible. 

We ended with some animal crackers as a snack. I swear I was awake for this picture, even though I've never seen myself looking so tired! #babynumber2isharder

This little guy was super sweaty because he never quit moving!

This was a really great activity for the little kids. It cost $8 for the hour, and then $2 for their special jump socks which you can reuse each time you go. Please note Lucy's super cute pink argyle socks. I got a pair as well because mamas have to wear them if they plan on going on the cross rows. If you have a Sky Zone near you, definitely consider Toddler Time as a way to tire those little kiddos out during the winter!



  1. Had so much fun with you guys Molly!!! Looking forward to another jump session in the winter months :)